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Mangoldt Reactors and Power Quality Filters

Mangoldt "5-in-1" Line/Load Reactors for use in ASD & VFD applications. Due to their exclusive PolyGap ® core construction, these reactors serve at least five different purposes: Line Reactor, Load Reactor, dv/dt Reactor, PWM Reactor, and Voltage Notch Reactor. PDF

Mangoldt PSF Sine Wave Filters & L-C-L Filters for Active Front End Converters are available as a complete product line for 480V, by special request 600V, and 690V. Due to their exclusive PolyGap® core construction, each of these Sine Wave Filters convert PWM to near sine wave voltage, eliminate reflected voltage pulses, and reduce motor voltage dv/dt waveform.  PDF

Mangoldt's IHF Input Harmonic Filters provide three stages of filtering to achieve low harmonic distortion levels, enabling electrical power systems to comply with the limits of IEEE-519 and other power quality standards. These harmonic filters allow 60Hz or 50Hz, to easily pass through the filter, but the harmonic currents are attenuated (filtered). As a result, all harmonic currents, characteristic of a 3-phase, 6-pulse rectifier, will be significantly reduced. PDF

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