D-Tech Rotary Steerable

Houston,  TX 
United States
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D-Tech Rotary Steerable, the #1 independent RST provider

D-Tech Rotary Steerable's robust, fit-purpose tool helps:
- Expedites well delivery with higher torque and rotational speed capability & enhanced automated steering
- Increases reliability through streamlined, robust design, experiences less damage, and stays downhole longer
- Minimizes costs, NPT, and risks with real-time drilling capabilities & no surface programming
- Enhances wellbore placement accuracy
- Expands BHA design flexibility with universal plug-and-play system

Tool Functionality
- Push-the-bit tool
- Full 3D directional control with build, drop, and turn
- Everything rotates, reduces friction and lost-in-hole risk
- Drills Intermediate, vertical, curve, and laterals 
- Holds inclination and azimuth through downlink commands
- Closed loop control of inclination and azimuth
Principles of Operation
- Steering section uses six hydraulically operated pistons to push against the wellbore and steer in the opposite direction
- Pistons achieve their force by diverting 5 to 7% of the drilling fluid into the steering chambers
- Nonmagnetic collar contains an electronic control system with a six-axis accelerometer/magnetometer package