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Dealer for Novacool UEF (Universal Extinguishing Foam)

Novacool UEF (Universal Extinguishing Foam) is the only firefighting foam you will need to fight Classes A,B,D & K fires. Novacool is being used throughout the Permian Basin by departments such as Andrews, Tx, who has a disproportionate number of tank battery and fracking yard fires. Novacool is also being used by private firefighting companies who provide 24/7 fire protection to large energy companies. Whole counties are now using Novacool system-wide for all of their firefighting challenges.

AFFF / AR-AFFF have been found to be bio-accumulative in the environment and are being attributed to a high rate of cancer among first responders. Novacool is the bio-degradable alternative to these products, providing faster knockdown, no rekindles and most importantly, can extinguish 3D fires, something AFFF/ AR-AFFF and other wetting agents cannot do.  Because it is used at just 1/2 % instead of the 3-6% of legacy foams, Novacool is the most cost-effective foam concentrate on the market for all-around use.

Customers using Novacool LOVE this product!

Brands: We are the exclusive dealer of Novacool UEF and Novacool RTUFP (Ready to Use Freeze Protected) for the state of Oklahoma.