ACL Combustion Inc.

  • Booth: 706

ACL Combustion Inc. is located in Moore, OK.

ACL Combustion Inc. is the U.S. distributor of Clear Rush Co. combustion products.  One arm of Clear Rush Co. manufactures ACL Manufacturing patented burner management systems, natural draft burners, pilot burners (fire tube, enclosed combustor, and flare applications), valve trains, air intake flame arrestors, flare ignition systems, and "plug and play" RUSH burner units (pre-assembled and pre-wired arrestor, BMS, valve train, burner/pilot, and thermocouple/thermowell).  The other arm of Clear Rush Co. fabricates Rush Industries flares, enlosed combustors, patented combustor/flare combination units, and in-line flame arrestors.  The company specializes in custom air intake flame arrestors with special bolt hole patterns or in special sizes.  Additionally, each flare or combustor is uniquely designed for the specific application and customer needs.  Compliance with 40 CFR 60.18 is ensured and API RP 521 radiation provisions are used to set flare heights.  All flares and enclosed combustor use ACL Manufacturing ignition systems.  Spec sheets, manuals, and photos can be found at or

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