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Find out more about wine on tap !

 T​he wine industry is fast becoming a vibrant, modern sector for both those that work in it, as well as for those of us who drink the fruits of their labor, it is also an industry steeped in tradition. Embracing change is often a difficult step for industries – arguably even more so for those where heritage and reputation are so important. The introduction of plastic corks and screw tops took some time to be accepted, so what is the reaction to more significant innovations like putting wine on tap?   

For those worried that quality and taste will be compromised, the intricacies of the technologiy allow wine to be effectively stores in PET kegs.    Independent taste tests conductedby the world-renowned VLM and Hochschule Geisenheim Univeristy show that our PET kegs proform as well if not better than steel kegs or glass bottles.  

Consumers are able to consume a wine that is always fresh at a lower cost, allowing them to experiment more and not feel guilty about wasting any access.

Brands: Petainer offers a variety of sizes to meet all our customer needs, from 10L kegs up to 30L kegs.