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Clayver is a ceramic container designed specifically for wine-making, including in this definition fermentation, storage and ageing. Clayver is made of a particular type of homogeneous and compact stoneware, similar in some way to a natural granite. The material is impermeable to liquids and it does not need any coating or other treatments to limit wine evaporation. The intrinsic ceramic microporous structure however can allow some gas exchange through the container wall but only in very limited quantities and on very long time scales. The container is then also suitable for long ageing. During the fermentation the convective flows are not hindered and indeed they contribute to the homogeneity of the mass and to a natural stirring of the lees. During the storage phase the wall thickness ensures a good thermal inertia. Clayver is available in sizes of 250 and 400 liters. Clayver is a registered trademark and patented product. The container is certified for food use.

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