La Garde, SML Stainless

Quebec,  QC 
  • Booth: 232

La Garde's, rectangular shape, wine fermentation tanks

Optimized Fermentation

  • La Garde's rectangular shape fermenters are designed to maximize the contact ratio must-to-juice through a thinner cap to enhance the efficiency of the fermentation process. The contact surface could be increased by up to 50 per cent when compared to a cylinder with the same floor width.
  • Therefore, you get more color, more tannin and more flavors from your grapes with a cap of must that is thinner and much easier to punch down. It facilitates the pump-overs and reduces the cooling process. It also helps the winemakers to save on time and helps them to be as gentle and as minimal as possible with their interventions.

 Optimized Space

  • La Garde tanks could produce more than 40% volume of wine than a cylinder tank for the same room that you want to occupy. Actually, given the production volume that you will need, we could reduce your winery floor plan and therefore reduce your construction cost.

Water and Time Savings 

  • The inside of the tanks is seamless and all polished so the water and the residues slides on the sides of the walls effortless. The winemakers estimates that it saves about 80% of the time and water to clean the tanks.