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Nomacorc Green Line - Performance | Design | Sustainability

Nomacorc, a Vinventions brand, is a worldwide leader in plant-based wine closures and the No. 1 closure brand for still wines in many countries including France, Germany and the United States. In late 2016, the company released its portfolio of sustainable Green Line closures, including the zero-carbon-footprint Reserva, Select Green, and Zest closures, offering extended preservation for premium wines intended for aging.

Dedicated to technological innovation, Nomacorc closures provide consistent, predictable oxygen management and protect against off-flavors due to oxidation, reduction or cork taint. Working with renowned wine research institutes worldwide, the company leads the wine closure industry in fundamental and applied research into oxygen management in wine.

Vinventions today has over 559 employees with seven world-class production sites located in the United States, Belgium, Germany, Argentina, China, France, and South Africa. Producing over 2.5 billion closures annually, one in every eight bottles of wine sold globally is protected by a Vinventions closure solution. 

Brands: The Vinventions House of Brands: Nomacorc Green Line, Ohlinger Natural Cork, Vinoseal glass closures, Vintop screwcaps, Syntek synthetic closures, Wine Quality Solutions and Wine Marketing Solutions.