Montoir de Bretagne, 
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CNI is the partner of your complex and ambitious projects for industry and architecture.
We make all your projects boiler making Metalworking , Pipesmith , Metal Structures and Mechanical Welding .

For 50 years CNI has been recognized as a leader in the design and instalation of specific products metal in the areas Navalconstruction , Aerospace, Offshore industrie , Industrial Tooling but also in Urban Planning , Leisure infastructure.
The company manages " turnkey " specific processes , large scale, high-tech in their entirety.

Our highly qualified staff bring you the best technical solutions for all types of steel welding, stainless steel, aluminum and assembly on-site assembly Loire Atlantique (44) and France.

Brands: Subcontractor for metal product


  • Ultimate abyss
    Manufacture and one-site assembly of the ultimate abyss...

  • Turnkey management of the fish ultimate abyss.

    Manaufacturer of te steel structure and manage sub contractor to painting,covering and electricity.

    Delivery and one-site assembly of this structure.