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Port of Spain, 
Trinidad and Tobago
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  • Trinidad is a multicultural island with a colourful history and is also rich in biodiversity.

    Our history has lent itself to a plethora of festivals and events that pay homage to our African, East Indian, Spanish, French, Chinese and Syrian heritage, just to name a few.

    Trinidad is also one of the best destinations for birdwatching and ecotourism.  Visit the Caroni Bird Sanctuary on evenings as the spectacular flaming Scarlet Ibis (our national bird) comes to rest. The Sanctuary, spanning approximately twenty (20) square miles, is one of the most fascinating mangrove wetlands in the Western Hemisphere as it teems with diverse wildlife.

    This natural site is a protected wetland of global importance, which has three (3) varieties of mangrove – red, black, and white mangrove. See the Fiddler crabs on the mudflats, the occasional Caiman on the embankments, the silky Anteater and the more than 190 avian species that inhabit the swamp.

    The most beautiful sight occurs at evenings when hundreds of Scarlet Ibis, come home to roost. The flaming “red” scarlet birds against the evenings blue sky are a spectacular sight and not to be missed.