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The UNESCO World Heritage property comprises the City of Venice, Chioggia and its lagoon located in the Veneto Region of Northeast Italy. 

They are an extraordinary architectural masterpiece in which even the smallest building contains works by some of the world's greatest artists. Every corner has its own unique atmosphere telling you a tale of historical grandeur, poetry, art and craft traditions.

Their singular appearance, their countless attractions and wealth of art treasures make them unique.​ 

Conveniently located close to the historical centres of the two cities, the complex of the two ports offers facilities and services capable of effectively responding to different types of users: cruises, river cruise on the route “Venice lagoon-Po River”, ferries, hydrofoils with seasonal connections to/from Istrian Peninsula and superyachts.

Brands: Venice and Chioggia are an extraordinary UNESCO masterpiece in which every corner has its own unique atmosphere and wealth of art treasures.


  • Venice and Chioggia
    Venice and Chioggia are cities of thousand faces. Every corner has its own unique atmosphere telling you a tale of historical grandeur, poetry, art and craft traditions.
    Venice and Chioggia are the place to plan a vacation that you will always remember!...

  • Venice

    Experience the memorable St Mark’s Basilica, a masterpiece of Byzantine architecture, and admire its façade mosaics and golden dome. Visit the Doge’s Palace, once residence of the supreme authority of the Republic of Venice and relax at one of the cafés dotting the most famous square of the city. See the lagoon through the grillwork of the Bridge of Sighs and walk across to the old prison cells where Casanova once languished.

    Enjoy the unlimited art richness of its museums and admire the different styles of its churches. Discover the ‘real Venice’, walking through an intricate labyrinth of hidden passageways, clusters of tightly packed buildings, ornate squares and bridges. Take a boat on the Grand Canal and admire the ancient noble palaces, churches, bridges, gardens and warehouses overlooking it.

    Tour in the extraordinary and unique Ghetto of Venice, the first ghetto of Europe, with its museum and two synagogues still open to service, and explore its fine collection of silver and embroidered objects.  Explore San Giorgio Island with its Tintoretto masterpieces. Enjoy a trip to Murano to see how glass treasures are made and to Burano for a lace souvenir.  Don’t miss to stop at Torcello and let charm yourself with its mosaics dating back to the 12th century. Lastly board a gondola and be serenaded as you glide through Venice’ narrow canals.


    Placed between the Po Delta and the Venice Lagoon, Chioggia is built on small islands connected by bridges: it is part of Venice and its Lagoon’s territory, included in the Unesco World Heritage sites since 1987 for its extraordinary landscape and architectural value, which are, still today, perfectly preserved examples of human ingenuity and our relationship with nature.

    This is a lively place, still dominated by culture, traditions and professions descending from age-old relationships with the sea