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Opticwash is the world's first and only automated eyewear and jewlry cleaning kiosk! It operates on a standard 110v 15amp service and is completely self-contained. There are no chemicals involved that could harm your glasses or jewelry. Our secret to cleaning is RO water so we are very eco-friendly. The process takes less than 2 minutes and has won awards for "best entertainment." Our technology allows you to pay with cash, credit, or phone app as well as locate the closest kiosk to you. While the customer is using the opticwash, other customers are stopping in disbelief as it is something they have never seen before! The top monitor becomes a great opportunity for companies to advertise their products as the customer is there for about 2 minutes. There is not a real cost of sale to you (except the small amount of electricity it uses that you won't even notice.) We don't compete with anyone, except we do ask for the trash can's location.

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  • opticwash PRO
    The world's first and only automated eyewear and jewelry cleaning kiosk!...

  • Introducing opticwash: the world’s first automated kiosk dedicated to cleaning and sanitizing eyewear, jewelry, and water-resistant smartphones.

    Offering the perfect solution to some of the world’s most commonly-used (and germ-infested) items, opticwash uses cutting-edge tech to deliver a fast, affordable, and convenient way to clean and remove bacteria build-up while leaving surfaces scratch free!

    Designed for shopping malls, cruise ships, airports, vision centers, and anywhere the bespectacled masses happen to be (namely, everywhere!) opticwash kiosks are like a self-service car wash for your glasses!

    Only unlike a car wash, opticwash is way faster, way more affordable, and way more ultramodern!

    The best part? opticwash doesn’t just clean glasses. It also works with all sorts of jewelry and water-resistant cell phones. The results are like night and day!  Unlike using your shirt or micro fiber cloth, opticwash never leaves behind a scratch, and effectively kills all traces of microorganisms.