MACK Rides GmbH &Co KG

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  • Yullbe, Airific VR, Swim VR
    We bring VR technology to the seas! Let your guests immerse in fantastical worlds: either diving, flying or exploring in a virtual environment. With our small footprint solutions we guarantee best entertainment for your guests and a short ROI....

  • Our portfolio offers three different virtual reality experiences: by land, in the air and in the water.


    YULLBE stands for innovative VR experiences for the whole family, where you can go beyond the limits of your usual reality and see the impossible become possible. In a virtual world in which everything around you looks deceptively real, you can suddenly experience things that everyday life does not offer. YULLBE Player One: Be one of the first to experience the YULLBE Metaverse!

    Airific VR

    Take a seat and lets take a flight over the beautiful cities of Europe and see the landscapes of Spain, the Netherlands and other beautiful sights from above. The synchronized bench and the air stream system give the perfect illusion of sitting right inside the action and flying to wonderful new destinations.


    Our Swim VR underwater headset, combined with a snorkel, makes it super easy to use:
    Up to 4 guests can step into the safely shallow non-swimmer pools, hold on to the handles and experience an exciting VR ride.
    A powerful water stream and clear underwater audio are synchronized to a compelling VR adventure.