Guyane French Amazonia

Matoury,  Guyane 
French Guiana
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Welcome to the French Amazonia

A little part of France on the coast of South America to the notheast of Brazil, French Guiana is the only European area on the South American continent. French Guiana, a region of France who have s table political situation and medical structures at the same standard than Europe, wich makes it one of the safest country in South America. The climate is tropical-equatorial, it is hot all year round (between 26° to 33° C).

With an area of 83, 846 km2  and less tha 300,000 inhabitants, most of the country is covered by the Amazon rainforest.

The coasts of French Amazonia extend over a 400 km stretch of Atlantic Ocean between the Maroni rivers in the west and Oyapock in the east.

French Guiana it's 5,000 kind of animal and plants, 8 millions hectares of virgin forest, more than half of which is classifield as a protected area, making it an ecotourism paradise.

French Guiana, is also the land wher the european spece agency (CNES) launch the Ariane's and the Vega's rocket for the satellite.

Brands: The Tourism Board of Centre Littoral, is an organization who have in charge the development of tourism in 8 cities of French Guiana.


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