GEA Group

Columbia,  MD 
United States
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Whether fuel, lube oil, bilgewater or ballast water treatment, fuel oil conditioning, engine cooling, sea water desalination or cooling and freezing is required, GEA offers marine system solutions that make it possible to achieve strategic improvements in efficiency and cut costs while optimizing product and process quality in a sustainable way.

GEA offers solutions that are comprehensively and systematically designed for the special requirements on board. All of our products are designed for extreme conditions and operate reliably even in rough seas. And they provide high performance efficiently, while securing maximum availability of the systems. Further, our solutions support the aim of shipping companies to protect both their crews and the environment. 

Brands: GEA marine Separator, GEA SeawaterDistiller, GEA SludgeMaster, GEA EffiClean, GEA ScrubberMaster


  • GEA marine Separator
    Unlike conventional centrifuges, the unit features an integrated direct drive. Some of the benefits: energy savings of up to 30,000 kWh per year; fast and easy drive change; a smaller footprint.


  • The GEA marine Separator is an innovatation with measurable benefits:

    • High separating efficiency
    • Maximum operating reliability and continuous unmanned operation
    • Less energy consumption and significantly reduced disposal costs
    • Revolutionary design with highly efficient integrated direct drive 
    • Compact design with small footprint 
    • Best certified flow rates (CFR) on the market
    • Easy exchangeable drive system
    • Variable flow: maximum separation efficiency and energy saving
    • GEA unitrolplus: flexible adjustment to difficult and changing feed conditions
    • GEA hydrostop: nearly oil free discharge (no product loss)
    • Hot separation for maximum separation efficiency
    • Intelligent GEA IO control unit: one touch operation avoids operating mistakes and provides efficiency programs