Frese A/S

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Frese is a privately family owned Danish company founded in 1944. We specialize in developing and producing pressure independent balancing valves for heating and cooling systems both above deck and below. Above deck the valves are used in the HVAC systems balancing flow for cabins and public areas. Frese has supplied the European cruise shipyards and their HVAC supply chain with this technology for nearly two decades. Today, close to 50 cruiseships have Frese valves onboard.   

Below deck Frese is supplying an engine room cooling water system called Frese FUELSAVE that enables shipowners and operators to harvest the savings potentials that exist when a vessel is operating in part load conditions. By applying this system and reducing the pump speed when design load is not needed pump energy savings up to 80% can be achieved without the risk that cooling capacity for critical equipment is jeopardized.

Brands: Frese FUELSAVE OPTIMA Compact SIGMA Compact OMEGA Compact Frese Alpha