Haystack Dryers

United Kingdom
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Haystack Dryers provide family sized, people-dryers for use after water rides or within changing rooms at  visitor attractions around the world.  Up to five people can use our Cyclone dryers at once, with a drying time of around three minutes. 

Body dryers are an attraction in themselves, fun to use and  provide an important guest service.  The dryers warm the body with infra-red lamps and then circulate warm air around the users with a combination of computer-controlled heaters and fans.

Getting dry quickly and effectively is a useful tool before leaving open decks, before eating or to get fully dry before enjoying an activity like climbing or playing on the sports courts.  They can reduce slip hazards and the number of towels people use per day.  Our machines work equally well in hot Caribbean climates as well as in the cooler regions of Northern Europe.

Dryers provide a much-needed guest service that your passengers will appreciate.   They can be connected to your ship’s cashless payment or swipe card system where needed.


  • Cyclone Dryer
    The Cyclone Dryer is our biggest and most popular body dryer and can be seen outside at some of the world’s biggest theme parks. Up to five people can dry at once inside the drying cabin with a mixture of heat lamps and circulated hot air.


  • The Cyclone Dryer is our biggest and most popular body dryer and can be seen outside at some of the worlds biggest theme parks.

    Cyclone Dryers have proved to be a firm favourite with attraction operators and the public. The robust design ensures exceptional reliability and allows the dryer to be operated in a variety of environments. 

    The dryers heat with infra-red lamps as well as blowing air out from heated fans in each corner.  Air is circulated around the guests which is then recycled to reduce the need to keep heating.  Temperature and fan speeds are carefully monitored from an intelligent computer system and take into account the ambient temperature.

    The Cyclone Dryer has the following features:

    • Rugged fibreglass shell for all weather conditions
    • Suitable for up to five people
    • Option to be themed
    • A choice of colours
    • A range of activation methods

    Activation and Payment Methods

    Dryers can be configured with a variety of different vend options such as:

    • Cash (Notes or Coins)
    • Token
    • Hotel Key
    • Credit Cards
    • Contactless Payment (Apple Pay, NFC etc)
    • Cashless Payment (RFID wristbands, stored value swipe cards etc)
    • Alternatively the dryer can be set to vend for free