Daspos A/S

Herlev,  Denmark 
  • Booth: 4041

We prevent fire!

DASPOS supply reliable and fast detection systems that warns against the risk of fires in vessel engine rooms.

The LAS-10 atmospheric oil mist detection system provides:

• Monitoring of up to 48 different areas simultaneously.

• Detection of airborne oil mists and hydrocarbon vapors.

• Monitoring of large areas are not affected by human interference

• High reliability, easy maintenance and no false alarms!

Daspos developed a dedicated Hot Box detector H-18, which even further improve safety in the engine room inside the fuel spray guards covering the cylinders / high pressure fuel sides of the engines . The Hot Box detector detects invisible, odorless gasses from leakages within the hotbox. The system can be integrated with the traditional monitoring system and founds thereby a solid base for making engine rooms even safer, both for the people who work directly there, but also for passengers, ship, environment and assets.

Brands: LAS-10 & H-18 - Atmospheric Oil Mist and Gas Leakage Detectors