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Ulmatec Pyro’s Waste Energy Management System (WEMS), has brought the heat recovery and machinery cooling system to a new level, due to the fact that our systems are more efficient compared to traditional solutions.

With Ulmatec Pyro’s intelligent Waste Energy Recovery System (WERS) you will be able to utilize more of the surplus energy from the engines cooling water and exhaust gas. By utilizing recovered energy, your voyage will have lower emissions, lower fuel consumption and reduced fuel costs.

Ulmatec Handling Systems: Your first choice in turnkey solutions within Cruise & Passenger segment. Our product portfolio is within Cargo Handling Systems, Gangway Systems & Tender Boat Handling Systems.

All systems can be Customized and be project specific according to customers’ requirements, all of our system deliveries is designed within Mechanical, Electrical and Software engineering in-house also including assembly and testing.   

Brands: Ulmatec Pyro AS & Ulmatec Handling Systems AS


  • Ecolencer
    Combined exhaust gas economizer, silencer and spark arrestor....

     The turbulent flow created by the economizer part results in:
    o Reduced soot deposition – giving a self-cleaning effect
    o Increased heat transfer
     The Ecolencer requires less space in the casing/funnel compared to the standalone
    economizer and silencer.
    Approximately 30% shorter and 40-50% weight reduction of economizer part compared to
    standalone economizer.
    As a result, this also reduces the amount of steel outfitting in the casing.
     Custom-made to meet the Customers` requirements.
     The improved design of the economizer part will utilize more exhaust heat at a lower volume.
     Designed to reduce thermal stress for the complete unit.
     DNV approved integrated spark arrestor.
     Control system with touch panel HMI.
     Focus on noise attenuation at both high and low frequencies, especially with a focus on a low
    frequency contrary to a traditional silencer.
     The Ecolencer will help meet the coming strict harbour noise requirements.
    - DNV Quiet notation which focus on assessing airborne noise emitted from vessels when
    berthed. The Quiet notation gives firm definitions of low frequency noise, distance
    corrections and environmental noise correction.
    - ESI (Environmental Shipping Index). Vessels can get incentives for the use of ESI noise.
    The total air noise score emitted by the ship is the weighted sum of:
    o The found sound power level of the broadband noise in dB(A)
    o The sound power level in the frequencies lower or equal to 160Hz in dB(A)
    o The presence of a noise measurement report.