Danish Export – Cruise & Ferry

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Danish Export - Cruise & Ferry
As one of the world’s largest shipping nations in the world, Denmark is your shortcut to suppliers with a profound knowledge about the needs of the international cruise and ferry industry. Danish Export - Cruise & Ferry gathers the suppliers that offer their services and products to shipyards, architects and shipping companies specialised in the cruise industry.

Trusted Suppliers for Centuries
Danish suppliers are involved in shipbuilding projects worldwide and known as trusted business partners; the typical Danish supplier is educated and experienced within the cruise and ferry industry and has a profound knowledge of the business, which ensures you a skilled and high level service.

Danish Design at Sea
Denmark is known for its timeless, minimalist design tradition, combining quality, luxury and a very modern mode of expression in pieces of furniture and interiors. This Scandinavian atmosphere goes well with the maritime spirit of ferries and cruise ships, which makes Danish suppliers sought-after partners that deliver solutions and services backstage as well as set the scene when it comes to ambience and functionality.

Brands: Danish Export - Cruise & Ferry is a network that is part of Danish Export Association