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Uponor is a leading international provider of plastic piping systems for buildings, infrastructure and marine applications.  Our innovative products ease the way of installation for plumbing with our flexible MLC and PEX pipe systems for tapwater and radiator applications, as well as energy-efficient radiant heating and cooling solutions.

Our customers have built on Uponor for more than 100 years. From a successful past, we are building the bridge to a sustainable future. With the same innovative spirit that replaced iron and copper with smarter, next-generation plastic piping materials, we are moving forward to ever-more intelligent solutions. Embracing the opportunities of digitalisation. Pushing ahead to new heights of sustainability. Promoting innovative ingenuity in energy saving and intelligent water for the benefit of our customers and the world we live in.

Firmly founded in our past achievements and current expertise, we are taking our portfolio beyond products to holistic solutions that boost confidence and build results. In the present and in the future. Hand in hand with our clients, partners and employees.

Keep moving forward with Uponor. 

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  • Uponor MLC Pipe System
    With our 5 layer composite pipe, we developed an advanced product combining advantages of metal and plastic pipes, for product advantages that are second to none. For potable water connections, Uponor MLCP press system is perfect to meet all requirements...

  • The composite pipe from the pioneering specialist

    With our five layer composite pipe, we have developed an advanced product that unites the advantages of a metal and plastic pipe offering product advantages that are second to none. The aluminium core prevents oxygen ingress, reduces heat-expansion and gives form-stability for easy and safe installation. For potable water connections, the Uponor MLCP press system is the perfect solution to meet nearly all requirements. The complete range of products allows for the entire installation from the riser to the tap, in a simple and economic manner.

    MLCP system advantages at a glance

    • Lightweight, flexible and form stable
    • Available in 16mm up to 110mm
    • Fittings in PPSU and brass
    • No calibration, no deburring
    • Colour coding
    • Pressing identification
    • Slim and appealing on wall installation
    • Fast, flame-free installation – at least 50% labour saving
    • 100% oxygen barrier and low expansion rates
    • No wastage and fewer fittings required
    • Worldwide approvals including marine bodies

    Wave goodbye to welding and soldering, say hello to Uponor press fittings!

    With our patented press system, fitting connections are made safe and quickly without the need for open flames. Inspection windows allow for a visual inspection of the fitting being properly inserted before pressing while the colored stop ring is showing you instantly which diameter you are pressing. Even more, the stop ring will only fall off automatically if the fitting is pressed correctly. And with our MLC composite press fittings, we even offer you an economy version of our standard fittings. With the profile insert made of PPSU, the MLC composite fitting is a lead-free and lightweight alternative.

  • Uponor Modular Riser System
    Uponor's innovative riser system features a unique modular fitting design making it incredibly efficient and effective. With just 40 parts, you can create more than 300 fitting combinations in dimensions up to 110mm....

  • Endless flexibility with just 40 modular items

    Available for MLC and PE-Xa, Uponor's innovative riser system features a unique modular fitting design making it incredibly efficient and effective. With just 40 parts, you can create more than 300 fitting combinations in dimensions up to 110mm. And with fewer building components to store, process and plan,  the system drastically reduces both your planning and construction work. The modular systems also features a distinctive mechanism which removes the need for using tools overhead making it easier and quicker to connect pipes overall. Connections can be easily made on the workbench, opening up entirely new construction possibilities avoiding construction delays.

    Modular Riser system advantages at a glance:

    • Modular MLC Riser System with only 40 components
    • Safe installation eliminating fire hazards of open flames
    • Dimensions up to 110mm
    • Greater flexibility
    • Easier planning and quicker processing
    • Adjustments until final installation possible
    • More efficient stock management

    Press - Insert - Lock: Assembling of modular fitting in just 4 steps

    The Uponor Modular Riser fitting system allows you to carry out all the required press fittings in comfort and safety on the workbench. Tools are only needed at this stage. Once on site, the pre-mounted multi-component pipe sections can be inserted and locked into the fittings without any tools. This guarantees fast, top-quality installations even in extremely confined spaces. Arduous work in cramped corners or above your head is a thing of the past!