Carrier Marine & Offshore Systems

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Carrier is the leading global provider of healthy, safe and sustainable building and cold chain solutions with a world-class, diverse workforce. From the beginning, we’ve led in inventing new technologies and entirely new industries. Today, we continue to lead because we keep customers at the center of every product and service we offer and we act quickly to exceed their expectations.

Carrier Marine & Offshore offers a broad range of efficient heating, ventilation, air-conditioning (HVAC) and controls solutions designed to maximize your passengers’ comfort. Carrier helps you to optimize energy usage while maximizing your ROI. From preliminary walkthrough to detailed energy audits of all ship consumers, our experts provide solutions and actionable information.

Brands: Carrier, Autronica, Marioff, Automated Logic, Onity


  • 19XR Semi-Hermetic Centrifugal Chiller
    The AquaEdge™ 19XR/XRV centrifugal chillers achieve high energy efficiency levels using proven technology, saving you fuel....

  • 19XR Single-stage (703 to 5627 kW)
    --Constant speed
    --Variable speed (19XRV)

    19XR Two-stage (2813 to 10547 kW)
    --Constant speed
    --Variable speed (19XRV)

    The two-stage compressor is ideal for marine high-lift conditions, and with nominal cooling capacities up to 10.5 MW, these AquaEdge chillers will cool the largest cruise ships, with a minimal footprint in your machinery space.

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