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Evolis, leader of printing solutions on plastic cards

Evolis designs, manufactures, and markets a comprehensive range of printing systems and plastic card personalization solutions. 

Plastic cards are used everywhere, for ID badges, payment cards, transit passes, access badges, loyalty cards, student ID cards, national ID cards, and so much more.

Evolis' goal is to make plastic card printing widely available, offering cost effective solutions for printing high quality cards easily, quickly and on the spot. 

Evolis card printers come with all the options needed to personalize all types of cards: 

  • graphics
  • magnetic stripes
  • electronics (contact and contactless RFID smart cards)

Evolis is now ranked as the market leader worldwide. Our expertise is recognized by systems integrators, key accounts and end users for a wide variety of projects.

Brands: Primacy Quantum Edikio

 Press Releases

  • A Redesigned Range to Better Suit the Needs of Integrators and End Users

    Angers, France - July 01, 2021

    Evolis's range of card printers for self-service terminals is evolving. Comprising the KC range and the KM range, it offers a total of 5 different printers to cover all the needs of system integrators, kiosk manufacturers, and their customers.

    The new KC range, with its new features and new products, is expected to attract new markets.

    Launched in 2002 with a single machine, the Evolis Kiosk range now includes 5 card printers for self-service kiosks, divided between the KC and KM ranges. The changes made to this range concern the KC range in particular, which until now has consisted of 2 products: "We have redesigned our range to adapt it to the new needs of integrators. This work has led us to improve the features of our existing products but also to create new products," explains Agnès Puel, Product Manager at Evolis.

    This new KC range has 3 products:

    • KC Essential: this new printer in the KC range is one of the most compact. Among its strengths, it offers the possibility of integrating a bezel and a third-party feeder at a competitive price.
    • KC Prime: this is the new, improved version replacing the KC200 and KC200B. It offers new options, such as the illuminated bezel, and provides more flexibility in mechanical integration, particularly thanks to the removal of the connectors on the side of the machine.
    • KC Max: providing more autonomy in the operation of the printer and also allowing printing on several different card templates, the KC Max has been developed to offer a machine with four 100-card feeders.

    At the same time, the KM range remains unchanged, with its 2 highly autonomous printers: the KM500B and KM2000B.

    Thanks to this extended KC range and the improvements made, the French manufacturer now offers its customers even more possibilities to customize its printers. New features that represent new business opportunities.

    Addressing New Markets

    The instant issuance of plastic cards at self-service kiosks is becoming more and more widespread. It has many advantages for the companies that choose it:

    • - Increase points of interaction with customers/users
    • - Improve user satisfaction and experience by reducing wait times at the counter and providing 24/7 service
    • - Reduce personnel costs
    • - Benefit from an innovative brand image

    The new KC range should also allow us to attract more new lines of business: "The evolution of our KC range will enable us to meet even more different needs and therefore, we hope, new projects," says Agnès Puel. These markets and their possible
    applications include:

    • Leisure activities: boarding pass, cabin key, payment card for cruise ships; event badge; entrance or season pass for amusement park; membership card; hotel room key; ski pass; souvenir card
    • Education: access control, payment (cafeteria, copy service, local businesses, etc.), book borrowing, access to the educational system (timetable, grades, etc.), identification, material loans, travel pass
    • Finance: credit card, debit card, prepaid card, replacement of lost or stolen cards, opening a payment card account
    • Government and municipalities: birth certificate, social security card, residence card, education certificate, family card
    • Health: identification badge for nursing staff, COVID health card, organ donor card, blood type card, patient card, access and identity control, parking access, cafeteria payment
    • Retail Stores: prepaid card, gift card, loyalty card

    More info: https://us.evolis.com/plastic-card-printers/kc-essential-kc-prime-kc-max-kiosk-card-printers

    Jonathan Palmisano,
    North America Marketing Manager
    Ph: 401-751-5483


  • Evolis Card Printer Range
    Implemented on cruise lines around the globe, the Evolis ID card printer range (Primacy, Avansia & Quantum) produces branded, personalized, multi-purpose cards for guest and staff alike. Edikio Guest prints stylish & informative labels for your buffets....

  • Primacy - The Fast and Versatile Card Printer

    Speed and versatility

    The Primacy printer is ultra fast, powerful, and efficient. Using advanced encoding technologies, this printer is the ideal solution for printing personalized cards, from the simplest to the most secure. Available as single or double-sided, Primacy especially meets card printing and encoding needs for medium and large runs.

    Avansia - The Premium Retransfer Printer for High-Definition Cards

    Robustness for high security card issuance

    Avansia is a Retransfer technology direct-to-card printer for very high-quality card delivery. Designed for rigorous use, Avansia is extremely robust and provides high security card issuance. Capable of issuing more than 140 single-sided color cards per hour, it is ideal for card issuance in medium and large quantities.

    Quantum - The Centralized Card Production System

    The power of an industrial card printer. The flexibility of a desktop printer

    The Quantum card printer is the solution for printing and encoding cards in large volumes. It personalizes the cards front and back, in color or monochrome, with a printing speed of more than 1000 cards per hour. Quantum combines the feel of a desktop printer with the power of an industrial printer for centralized production of plastic cards in large quantities.

    Edikio Guest - Buffet Labeling that Reflects Your Brand

    Enhance your buffets and make all the personalized cards you need on demand

    Give your buffets that super sleek feel and show off the dishes you offer with Edikio Guest. Our solution lets you design and print your own elegant, premium labels quickly and easily. With Edikio Guest, print your personalized badges and labels in a matter of clicks. See return on your investment in record time while providing clients and customers with all the information they need on your services.

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