Danfoss IXA A/S

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Danfoss IXA is part of the Danfoss Group, a family owned global company.

We develop sensors and systems for the global maritime industry based on sophisticated and patented technology, ensuring transparency of emissions. These are ideally suited for the constantly increasing focus on the environment and performance optimization. The products are developed for the maritime environment, and are consequently build extremely robust. We are engineering a more sustainable shipping industry.

Brands: NOx, SO2 and NH3 Sensor MES 1001 SO2/CO2 Sensor MES 1002 Washwater Monitoring System, MES 1003


  • Washwater Monitoring System MES 1003
    MES 1003 documents the level of pH, PAH, turbidity and temperature in the scrubber washwater, based on a sampling principle with one washwater analyzer unit and a number of washwater sampling units....

  • Increased focus on the environmental impact from the marine industry has led to an increased focus on regulations related to emissions from the shipping industry, and Washwater Monitoring System, MES 1003 helps you achieve reliable washwater monitoring and documentation compliant with the limits established by the International Maritime Organization in MEPC.259 (68).

    Washwater monitoring system, MES 1003, is a solution used on vessels equipped with exhaust gas cleaning system scrubber. The system measures values between inlet water and discharge water of the scrubber.

    The MES 1003 is based on a sampling principle with onte Washwater Analyzer Unit (WAU) and a number of Washwater Sampling Units (WSU). The system supports between 1 to 4 sampling points per WAU.

    The system can easily be configured to operate with any scrubber system, and offers a Modbus TCP/IP for interconnection to external systems. In addition, the MES 1003 can connect to the ship’s GPS through an RS-422 interface and in this way all measurements are tagged with the ship’s position. The measurements are stored internally for at least 18 months.

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