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Herlev,  Denmark 
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We prevent fire!

DASPOS supply reliable and fast detection systems that warns against the risk of fires in vessel engine rooms.

The LAS-10 atmospheric oil mist detection system provides:

• Monitoring of up to 48 different areas simultaneously.

• Detection of airborne oil mists and hydrocarbon vapors.

• Monitoring of large areas are not affected by human interference

• High reliability, easy maintenance and no false alarms!

Daspos developed a dedicated Hot Box detector H-18, which even further improve safety in the engine room inside the fuel spray guards covering the cylinders / high pressure fuel sides of the engines . The Hot Box detector detects invisible, odorless gasses from leakages within the hotbox. The system can be integrated with the traditional monitoring system and founds thereby a solid base for making engine rooms even safer, both for the people who work directly there, but also for passengers, ship, environment and assets.

Brands: LAS-10 & H-18 - Atmospheric Oil Mist and Gas Leakage Detectors


  • LAS-10 Oil Mist/Gas - H-18 Hot-Box Detectors
    The LAS-10 helps secure open engine rooms against the risk of fires caused by oil sprays and gases. Unlike traditional products that passively detect fires after ignition, the LAS-10 actively detects fires BEFORE ignition....

  • LAS-10 - Unlike traditional products that passively detect fires after ignition, the LAS-10 actively detects fires before they happen, protecting the open engine room against oil spills and spray gases from oil being led to the engine or from hydraulic pumps. No other solution on the market combines the two detection methods of the LAS-10. Or, at the very least, uses differential pressure as an indicator of fire and explosion risk. Moreover, the system's use of large air flow is a much quicker indicator of potential risk than previously seen with other detection systems that rely on light reflections or use just a fraction of the air flowing through the detector for analyses.

    H-18 The Hot-Box Detector H-18 is designed for installation in engine hot boxes, with a quick release adaptor. It is designed for smaller compartments, to detect risks caused by leakages at the earliest possible state of detection. It is of crucial importance to have enough time to react.
    The Hot-Box Detector H-18 sensor can operate in areas with temperatures reaching up to 200°C / 392°F. The detector is easy to install, it is not affected by unintended human interference and it does not require light in order to operate.
    The Hot-Box Detector H-18 electronics sample and analyze the air looking for hydrocarbon leaks. If it detects any increased level of hydrocarbon, in the form of gas or mist, the Hot-Box Detector H-18 sends an early warning signal to the crew about the increasing danger.

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