KOW Watertreatment GmbH

  • Booth: 1969

KOW Watertreatment is one of the leading suppliers of reverse osmosis systems and fresh water treatment plants. Our systems are suitable for cruise liners, offshore platforms and land-based applications. Reverse osmosis technology forms the core of our water processing plants, which converts sea water into fresh, clean drinking water.

Custom-made new build or retrofit systems are designed for a capacity of up to 1.200 m3/d and more. To meet growing demands for high quality drinking water onboard, we offer the Interstage Boosting technology, invented to increase the capacity of existing RO plants. A 50 percent higher output can be reached, without additional energy consumption.

Our Portfolio:

  • Newbuilding
  • Retrofit and Modernization
  • Upgrade and Capacity Increasing

We offer the full range of fresh water treatment processes:

  • Sandfiltration
  • Automatic filter
  • Cartridge filter
  • Membrane Filtration with RO, MF and UF
  • Remineralization
  • Ion Exchangers
  • Disinfection with UV or Chlorine

Furthermore, we offer services and spare parts for all common manufacturer of water treatment plants worldwide.

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