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HAMANN AG is a worldwide recognized supplier of sewage treatment technology for the maritime industry. Since being founded in 1972, we serve our clients helping them to meet ever stricter regulation on sewage discharge and thus to rise to our joint responsibility to protect the marine environment. Our commitment to quality goes far beyond the R&D, engineering and manufacturing processes. The same amount of effort and attention to detail goes into every step that follows; from sales to engineering consulting to commissioning and technical support many years later. We offer our clients extensive consulting services and a high level of customization options for our systems to ensure the best possible solution for every project. All that accounts for the fact that HAMANN plants ensure continuous high effluent quality, reliability in day-to-day operation and low maintenance to the benefit of our clients and the oceans. HAMANN AG is a privately held company with founder Knud Hamann acting as Chairman of the Supervisory Board. All HAMANN sewage treatment plants are designed and manufactured at our facility in Hollenstedt, Germany.


  • HL-CONT Plus OceanCruise
    Sewage treatment system IMO certified to MEPC.227 (64) incl. section 4.2 (MARPOL Special Sreas) for operation worldwide, including Baltic Sea and Alaskan waters....

  • Modular design for small footprint and flexible installation:Rather than being one huge integral unit, our systems are designed as seperate modules. Each module has a compact footprint. All modules of the system can be installed separately, even on different decks.

    Scalability: By combining multiple modules in varying sizes, we can provide exactly the required capacity.

    Redundancy for maximum reliability: Our systems consist of multiple smaller and redundant modules for each process step, which together provide the required total capacity. Should one or more modules fail, the system continues to operate with reduced capacity.

    Low maintenance and easy operation: There are no membranes or filters that have to be cleaned, serviced and replaced regularly. Routine functions are completely automatic.

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