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Service as Strong as our 4-Ply Strength Straws!

Why switch from plastic straws to paper straws? 

Branding, Branding, Branding!  If you are using paper straws - do it in style! Custom Print your logo front and center on the straws! 

Communicate to clients your commitment to Going Green.  Custom print your logo on paper straws. How? It’s simple – send us your artwork.  OkStraw will build a free digital proof and sample straw for your team to review. 

But don’t paper straws fall apart? Our 4-Ply paper straws last for 5 hours in a drink!  Impossible right?  

OkStraw sources 120gsm thick, non-recycled, kraft paper to build our straws.  We use 4 layers of this paper to bind our straws together with a hydrophobic FDA compliant glue.  This keep our straws stronger for longer.   It also allows us to innovate new straw products.

The 4-Ply strength of our paper straw allows us to engineer new Paper Boba Straws, Paper Spoon Straws, Paper 20" inch Tiki Straws and Paper Flex/U-shaped Straws.  

OkStraw products are also certified by the FSC & CMA. That means our materials are sourced from eco-friendly paper mills and decompose in 90 days, once discarded. This ensures our products are people safe and planet friendly! So contact our team today!

Brands: OkStraw Paper Straw introduces a 4-Ply strength straw, which lasts 5 hours in a drink. From Barstirs to Boba Drinks we build any size straw for any drink.

 Show Specials

  • Maybe your extra thirsty though…maybe you need a big drink with big personality. 

    Think FAT Tuesdays, New Orleans’ ‘Hand Grenades’, a shared punch bowl, a big margarita…you need a big straw, right? 

    OkStraw introduces it’s 4-Ply, 20” Tiki Straws. 

    That’s right – go big or go home with our 20” long, tiki straws for any drink that’s larger than life. 

    Make sure to sip with confidence, because the 4-Ply strength will carry you all the way to the last savored sip of your delicious beverage!   These straws party with the best of them!

  • Ever enjoy a Slurpee or ICEE with a spoon at the end of your plastic straw? 

    We leveraged our 4-Ply strength to offer the same spoon straw design, in a paper straw. 

    Traditional 3-Ply straws are too weak to sustain their ‘structural integrity’ and fall apart when used in shaved ice drinks.

    However, the 4-Ply strength of our paper straws allow us to laser cut spoon tips onto the end of paper straws. 

    And while our spoon straws might last 5 hours, your blended iced drink might melt before that! So, slurp with confidence with our 4-Ply spoon straws.

  • Boba Drinks have long employed plastic straws. 

    In fact, Boba drinks need a diagonal cut tip to puncture the plastic films of their drinks. 

    Paper straws traditionally offer a flat bottom, making them unusable. 

    However, the 4-Ply strength of OkStraw’s paper straws offers an extra edge to the diagonally cut tips of our straws. 

    Now, boba shops can go green by using OkStraw products to pop the top of any bubble tea drink!  

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