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The Fresh Baked Idea Company

Bridgford is known for our unique fresh baked flavor, high quality ingredients and consistent quality bread products. Our core items are Demi Loaf, Parkerhouse Rolls,Ranch rolls and Fully baked Biscuits. Great Specialties dough: Tortilla dough, Sopapillas Dough,  Bun Dough, Breadsticks, Cinnamon rolls.

We have products in stock ready to buy in most  Foodservice distribution points all over the USA.   

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 Press Releases

  • Bridgford Foods understands the changing needs of our customers during these difficult times. School and the healthcare industry are requesting great tasting bread products that are fully baked and prewrapped for safety and convenience.  Bridgford has invested in new equipment to enhance their capabilities to do individually wrapped products.  Bridgford foods is known for its high quailty frozen roll dough products, as well as our complete line of products that are fully baked.  With our new, enhanced over-wrapping equipment, Bridgford Foods will be able to offer fully baked rolls and biscuits individually wrapped. These products can be thawed and ready to serve as well as heat and serve. Please see a list  below for some of the avialable items: 

    6685 Single Serve Individually Wrapped  Honey Wheat Biscuit 1 oz. Creditable  Grain Equivalent  

    6688 Single Serve Individually Wrapped White Whole Wheat Roll 1oz.  Creditable Grain Equivalent 

    6689 Single Serve Individually Wrapped White Whole Wheat Roll 2 oz Creditable  equivalent 

    6683 Single Serve Individually Wrapped WWW Blueberry Biscuit 2 oz.  Creditable Grain Equivalent   

    6682 Single Serve Individually Wrapped WWW Maple biscuit  2 oz Creditable Grain Eqivalent

    6680 Single Serve Individually Wrapped Old South Buttermilk  Biscuit  Packed  100/2.25 oz 

    6681 Single Servie Individually Wrapped  Honey Whole Wheat Biscuits 2 oz. Creditable Grain Eqivalent 

  • Bridgford Foods Corporation traces its roots back  to 1932, when our founder Hugh H. Bridgford (1908-1992) opened a retail meat market in San Diego, California. 
    Bridgford Foods pioneered the manufacture and sale of frozen bread dough to supermarkets and institutional customers, beginning in 1962.  The first products were made at the Anaheim meat-processing facility.  Additional frozen bread plants were added in Dallas in 1968 and 1985, and in Statesville, North Carolina in 1996. 
    The Dallas base plants prides itself on locally sourcing  many ingriedents from our Texas farmers and suppliers.   For almost 90 years, the mission of Bridgford Foods Corporation has been to develop, produce, sell and distribute superior quality food products that provide a consistent value to our customers. 


  • 6292 Cheesy Jalapeno Biscuits
    Great Tasting Cheesy Jalapeno Biscuits, fully baked, sliced and ready to add a new twist to a sandwich or for Biscuits and gravy....

  • 6292 Cheesy Jalapeno Biscuits are new and an exisiting, popular flavor trend in foodservice.    

    Besides Bridgford's best selling orginal, 2.25oz., 6185 Old South Buttermilk biscuits,  Bridgford Foods produces biscuits in many different sizes, shapes, and flavors.  And now we offer our NEW Indivdually Wrapped biscuits!!  Visit our online brochure for more information:

  • 6625 Sweet Island rolls Heat n Serve
    Bridgford Pre-Baked Island Sweet Rolls come frozen ready to heat and serve. This roll has that extra sweet flavor profile. Great for sliders and an accompaniment with any meal....

  • Simply "Heat and Serve" from frozen or thawed.  These fully baked rolls can be stored frozen in a 40 degree cooler or at room temperature for various needs. 

  • 6122 Bridgford Demi loaf
    Bridgford Frozen Demi-Loaf Dough is ready for easy proofing and baking. For a great first impression Serve hot freshly baked Demi loaves for your table bread. It comes packed frozen 60/6 oz. loaves per case....

  • The 6 oz. product comes in Original White Yeast Dough, Honey Wheat, Dark Bavarian, Sweet Island and Brioche flavor profiles.  A versatile product to make  table bread, rolls, buns, cinnamon rolls, flat breads or it is recipe ready for any entree that ask for a  yeast dough.

  • 6219 Sopapilla dough- Bridgford Specialty dough
    Serve this Tex-Mex Dessert treat, using Bridgford Sopapilla Dough. Offer these hot bites fresh with our favorite cinnamon sugar or honey. ....

  • Bridgford Foods offers specialdy doughs, try unique products:  from Sopapilla dough, tortilla dough, cinnamon roll Dough and Breadsticks Dough.  

  • 6150 Brigford Ranch roll dough
    Bridgford White Ranch Yeast Roll Dough. Make fresh bake yeast rolls to enhance your featured entrees at your establishment....

  • Bridgford 240/1.5oz Ranch rolls are available in the following flavors:  White Yeast, Honey Wheat, Dark Bavarian, and Island Sweet rolls.  These dough pieces can be formed into a signature roll for your operation.  You can bake Pull-A-part Rolls, Cloverleaf Rolls or use seeds and seasonings to make a custom roll for your restaurant.  

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