Business Resilience: Reduce Disruption. Improve recovery

  • Room: CC 318-320
Monday,June 06, 2022:3:15 PM -4:15 PM
/ CEU Credits:1


Linda Conrad
SVP, Enterprise IT Risk Management
Everest Re


Cyberattacks increased 125% during the first half of 2021, and the Insurance industry was the most frequent target of ransomware. Unlike other cyber incidents, ransomware attacks have and average recovery time of 20 days.  Meanwhile, the war in Ukraine has created an acute spike in cybersecurity risk levels around the world.  In these times of heightened risk, we all play a vital role in ensuring the ongoing protection of technology networks and client information. A cyber-1attack poses a risk of massive reputational and brand damage. In fact, Cisco cites that 22% of breached organizations lost customers and 40% of those organizations lost more than a fifth of their customer base. To reduce the exposure of a cyber incident, it is essential to improve your cyber security tools and business resilience efforts, including both third party vendor assessments and first party employee vigilance.  In this session, we will discuss recommendations for enhancing cyber defenses, from control programs to phishing education strategies, and learn how to increase your business resiliency.


Exporter Choices

1. Learning Objective 1:
Recognize how to improve your cyber security tools and business resilience efforts to reduce exposure for cyber incidents

2. Learning Objective 2:
Identify ways employees can become more vigilant in recognizing and protecting the company from ransomware and other cyber risks

3. Learning Objective 3:
Identify recommendations for enhancing cyber defenses from control programs to phishing education strategies

4. Target Audience:
Business Operations - General

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