The New H NAIC Committee and the Impact on the Industry

  • Room: CC 321-323
Monday,June 06, 2022:1:30 PM -2:30 PM
/ CEU Credits:1


Kathleen Birrane
Maryland Insurance Commissioner
Maryland Insurance Administration


Join IASA for a conversation with Maryland Insurance Commissioner Kathleen Birrane as she discusses the NAIC’s new H Committee, its purposes and initiatives. Learn about why the committee was formed, its current focus, and future goals.  Hear Commissioner Birrane highlight key initiatives she believes will have some of the biggest impacts on carriers and consumers from a regulatory perspective


Exporter Choices

1. Learning Objective 1:
Define the purpose of the NAIC’s new H Committee

2. Learning Objective 2:
Recognize why the committee was formed and its future goals

3. Learning Objective 3:
Identify key initiatives of the committee that will have the biggest impact on carriers and consumers

4. Target Audience:

  • Basic

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