Regulators Townhall

  • Room: CC BR - III-IV
Tuesday,June 07, 2022:11:00 AM -12:00 PM
/ CEU Credits:1


Carrie Mears
Chief Investment Specialist
Iowa Insurance Division
Charles Therriault
Director, Securities Valuation Office
Julie Gann
Assistant Director - Solvency Policy


Regulation and reporting requirements are ever changing and evolving. Changes in the market, economy and even technology create the need for advancement and changes in how insurers do their business, and how states regulate the insurance industry. With this, understanding and collaboration between regulators and insures is key.

Seize this opportunity to talk with NAIC staff about regulatory questions, clarifications of new guidance, and where they see new regulation focus over the next few years. This session will provide an open forum to discuss various topics with members of NAIC staff focused on accounting, markets & valuation, investments, and risk/solvency.


Exporter Choices

1. Learning Objective 1:
Identify new and upcoming guidance

2. Learning Objective 2:
Recognize current NAIC projects and focus

3. Learning Objective 3:
Identify the status, progression, and next steps for various accounting, market, and solvency topics being reviewed by regulators.

4. Target Audience:

6. Prerequisites *:

  • Basic

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