Cerablak, LLC

United States
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Welcome to the world of innovative surface engineering!

Cerablak was spun off from ATFI for broader commercialization of coating products with Cerablak® HTP-100 as our first product launch. Cerablak® HTP-100 is a multifunctional, easy-to-apply high temperature ceramic composite coating with outstanding thermal performance and protection of metals and refractories in harsh high temperature environments. This product has been designed to overcome long-standing issues that have prevented conventional ceramic coatings from achieving broad commercial applicability. Product features of Cerablak® HTP-100 include:

  • No requirement of a bondcoat or separate primer; in-situ primer bonds with excellent adhesion on most metal alloys and ceramics
  • Sub-micron scale engineered porosity for enhanced toughness and low modulus, such that CTE mismatch issues are not of concern and thermal shock performance is excellent
  • Coating contains SiC additives that contribute to outstanding hardness and durable high emissivity properties for thermal management at high temperatures
  • Unprecedented performance against hot corrosion based on an in-situ hermetic quality diffusion barrier formed at coating/substrate interface