Protochips Inc.

Morrisville,  NC 
United States
  • Booth: 806

Creating the Connected Lab: Join the future, today!

Protochips creates groundbreaking products and solutions for the TEM.  Our solutions enable accurate quantitative measurement of your samples under natural conditions and dynamic, real-time visualization of nanoscale phenomena.

AXON Synchronicity™ software connects the TEM, imaging detectors and holders to create the first product utilizing machine vision to stabilize images for traditional and in situ electron microscopy.

AXON Studio™ software enables fast review of images and metadata side by side to identify hidden trends, prepare data, and publish your results. 

Atmosphere gas cell with vapor kit and integrated RGA for your catalyst at atomic resolution.

Poseidon Select liquid flow & echem cell for corrosion, particle analysis, biomaterials, and batteries.

Fusion Select electrothermal cell can source and measure picoamp level electrical signals and temperature changes up to 1200 °C.

Sample Supports E-Chips for in situ holders and C-Flat, Au-Flat, and CD-Flat grids for cryo-EM.

            All products Made in USA.

Brands: Machine Vision & AI Software: AXON Synchronicity™, AXON Studio™. In Situ: Atmosphere (Gas), Fusion Select (Heating/Electric), Poseidon Select (Liquid), E-Chips (MEMS). Grids: C-Flat, CD-Flat, Au-Flat