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OnPoint's ZoloSCAN provides laser-based combustion monitoring and diagnostic capabilities for ultra-harsh environments, optimizing combustion applications for increased yield, efficiency, and safety.

The ZoloSCAN system uses TDLAS technology to measure temperature, H2O, CO, CO2, O2 in real-time in multiple zones of a furnace. For EAF, BOF or Blast Furnace applications that require fast measurements with hassle free maintenance, the system delivers multiple species of data in under two seconds to enable optimization of post-combustion energy recovery, blow practices, and improved performance and safety.

For reheat furnaces, multiple zones and multiple heaters can be all be sampled through a single ZoloSCAN system  unique fiber-coupled architecture allows up to 14 measurement paths from a single system, enabling optimized zone and spatial furnace control.

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  • ZoloSCAN
    OnPoint’s Zolo Technologies delivers unique laser-based combustion monitoring and diagnostic capabilities for ultra-harsh environments to optimize the yield, efficiency, and safety of combustion applications....


    Ideal for large heaters and furnaces, the TDLAS-based system can support up to fourteen (14) laser paths and simultaneously measure up to five (5) species, including temperature, O2, CO, CH4, CO2, and H2O in real-time along each path. There are no probes to insert, no sensitive electronics near the furnace, and no calibration required. ZoloSCAN2 measurements provide a more accurate and reliable representation of the combustion gases present in a furnace than traditional single-point thermocouples, ZrO2 sensors or single-path TDL analyzers.

    OnPoint’s commercial and engineering teams will work with your site to define the best system configuration for your application and an expected return on investment of the installation.


    • Increased productivity/output via optimized fuel and air distributions
    • Fuel savings through safely lowered excess O₂ setpoints
    • Reduced emissions via reduced excess O₂
    • Water leak detection
    • Extended equipment life by mitigation of hot spots and flame impingement
    • Added safety and sentry from CO at normal operation and CH₄ during startup
    • Minimal installation costs, furnace outage not required to install the system


    The configurability of the ZoloSCAN2 is what sets it apart from market alternatives.

    Options to consider for your application:

    • O₂ – Base combustion monitor system -
      • Measure O₂ at multiple locations to verify air/fuel ratios across zones
      • High value when multiple oxygen sample points are required on a heater
    • O₂+Temp – Combustion and Temperature monitor system
      • Measure O₂ and Temperature (+H₂O) on multiple paths
      • Ideal for fuel/air feedback and to mitigate flame impingement and hot spots
    • ZS2 Full – Full monitoring system -
      • Measure O₂, CO, H₂O, CH₄, and Temperature along multiple paths
      • Perfect for constrained heaters that must be safely driven to full capacity
    • ZS2 Config – Make it your own -
      • Different applications require different monitoring solutions
      • Customize the ZoloSCAN2 for the species and path counts that are right for you 


    • Multiple measurement paths -Up to 14 TDL paths
    • Multiple Species (choose up to 3) - O2, CO, CO/CH4, CO2, Temp/H2O
    • Minimal installation requirements - Heater outage not required
    • Minimal maintenance via SensAlign head technology - Hazardous location capable

If you have questions please contact sales@aist.org or (724) 814-3000 ext. 2