Control Vision Inc.

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Control Vision, Inc (CVI) design and manufacture innovative uncooled sensor modules and control systems in the visible and IR spectrum for customers in industry, science, and defense. Our specialty is to design low SWaP (Size, Weight and Price), low maintenance, easy to use and robust sensor systems for viewing and measuring objects of interest.

The product lines include optical sensor instruments that capture high quality images under extreme environments such as high luminosity, temperature, and vibration processes. They can perform real-time, non-destructive monitoring of metal casting, furnaces, laser welding, and thermal spray coating.

Brands: PyroCam LP, Furnace Cam, SprayCam


Keyhole Laser Welding


  • FurnaceCam
    FurnaceCam is a digital furnace monitoring system for vertical shaft furnaces that helps prevent tap hole blockage, reduce scrap by catching burner problems early, and improves burner maintenance....

  • Features:

    • Burners are simultaneously displayed on a monitor.
    • Robust, environmentally hardened enclosure designed for years of service in harsh industrial environments
    • Self-contained, air cooled enclosure
    • All cables are run inside flexible stainless steel conduit and are easily removed for burner service and camera replacement.
    • Cameras hing out of the way for easy burner maintenance.
    • Robust image detection software alerts operators when burners are plugged.
    • Easily integrated with plant process control systems over a variety of industrial protocols
    • User-configured image logging system enables users to save images in their preferred format.
    • Images can be uploaded to the network for remote view.
  • PyroCamLED
    PyroCamLED is a surface inspection system designed specifically for high temperature copper and aluminum. PyroCamLED uses cutting edge pattern recognition software, enabling real-time, AI/ML detection and classification of defects....

    • Capabilities
      • Dimensional measurement
      • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
      • Proprietary pattern recognition software allows PyroCamMV to be trained for defects specific to process of interest.
      • Images can be streamed to the network, allowing access throughout the plant site.
    • Features:
      • Robust, environmentally hardened enclosure designed for aluminum and copper casting platns
      • Self-contained, air-cooled enclosure
      • All cables are run inside flexible stainless steel conduit.
  • PyroCamLP
    PyroCamLP is a real-time visible camera system for monitoring high-luminosity processes such as laser welding or metal additive manufacturing (AM). Image processing software allows to detect and classify defects of interest....

    • Key Features:
      • Compact, ethernet-controlled, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) camera
      • Fiber optic light guide illumination allows strobe to be remotely located
      • 1920 x 1080 pixels or higher available upon request
      • Resolutions down to 3um
      • AI/ML defects detection and classification

  • SprayCam
    SprayCam is a low-cost particle imaging and process consistency measurement system for spray coating processes, such as plasma spray, electric arc spray, flame spray, cold spray and suspension spray....

    • Features
      • Real-time measurement of particle distribution including: position, width, stability, and flux
      • robust, actively cooled environmental enclosure
      • Gigabit ethernet instrument control
    • Specifications
      • Sensor resolution: 1024 x 1024
      • Minimum particle size: 20um*
      • Maximum particle velocity at 20um particle size: 500m/s
      • Maximum particle velocity at 50um particle size:1250m/s

    * Higher sample rates and  higher resolution available in custom systems

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