JNE Consulting

Hamilton,  ON 
  • Booth: 1780

Engineering Success since 1980!


The JNE Group of Companies has been providing comprehensive project engineering services to our clients since 1980.

JNE Consulting provides full-service, multi-disciplinary engineering services to heavy industrial clients allowing them to deal with a single point of responsibility through all phases of a project, from conceptual and detailed engineering to construction and start-up. 

JNE Automation designs custom control systems to optimize productivity and quality while reducing operational cost and risk. Our systems include software, SCADA, HMIs, micro and high level PLCs, certified safety PLCs, and DCS.

JNE Environmental resolves industrial environmental challenges from simple to complex, to ensure your compliance with local wastewater regulations. We supply our own line of water treatment equipment and chemicals; offering customized solutions to our clients.

Engineering Success.  It's What We Do.

Brands: JNE Automation; JNE Consulting; JNE Environmental; JNE Power; Triple Crown Enterprises (TCE)

If you have questions please contact sales@aist.org or (724) 814-3000 ext. 2