Ikeuchi USA, Inc.

Blue Ash,  OH 
United States
  • Booth: 1830

Welcome to our signature product, the dry fog mister!


IKEUCHI provides  precision-made spray nozzles for every phase of the steelmaking process and has been doing so for over 30 years. If you have any problems with your current nozzles, such as uneven spray distribution, flowrate fluctuation, clogging, etc., you will be glad to hear that our spray nozzles come with a performance guarantee. IKEUCHI inspects the dimensions and performance of all its products. Only IKEUCHI guarantees that every single unit shipped has passed inspection. There is no need to worry about deviations in product quality. We also offer a customized fine-fog solution based on the results of sophisticated measuring equipment and simulation techniques. We look forward to assist you with your specific nozzle problem. IKEUCHI thrives on thinking in and outside the box.

Brands: Caster Nozzles, Fine Fog Nozzles for Cooling / dust control, Descale Nozzles, Air Nozzles, Ceramic Nozzles, Manual Inner Brush Cleaning Nozzle Header, Cooling Fan Unit, Outside Cooling System, etc.

If you have questions please contact sales@aist.org or (724) 814-3000 ext. 2