Busch Vacuum Solutions

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Busch Vacuum Solutions is one of the largest manufacturers of vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors in the world. With over 50 years of experience and top qualified personnel, we are constantly at work developing innovative technologies that will define the vacuum world of the future. We support advanced manufacturing and industry across the USA with our extensive product portfolio of high performance vacuum pumps and systems.
As a recognized leader in the vacuum equipment industry, our customers choose us because of the value that we provide in and around our products. We take pride in differentiating ourselves by being more than just a pump supplier — working closely with our customers to provide ideal vacuum solutions that are mutually beneficial.


    The powerful portable detection device for all applications. Accurate measurement results and Ultra-fast response time....

  • Portable

    Compact, retractable handle, lightweight, integrated detachable control panel, can be operated at any position

    High performance

    Highly sensitive leak detection, minimum detectable leakage rate of 5 · 10⁻¹³ Pa · m³/s, for almost all applications, spray test and sniffing leak detection with helium or hydrogen

    Control and monitoring

    High definition color display for maximum readability, intuitive menu navigation, SD memory card for saving and downloading all relevant data, customizable parameter settings

  • COBRA COMBI Dry Vacuum Pump & Booster
    Vacuum pump units with robust and proven COBRA backing pumps enhanced by PANDA vacuum boosters, reliable operation and minimal maintenance....

  • High Performance

    Advanced COBRA screw design with patented self-balancing screws delivers consistently high pumping speed, slowest vibration levels and quiet operation.


    Low cost of ownership with reduced maintenance, and long service intervals with high uptime. The COBRA screw design allows for higher pumping speeds to improve cycle times.


    COBRA dry screw vacuum pumps require minimal integration with maximum flexibility of solutions. Air cooling and various sealing and coating configurations available.

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