De Nora Water Technologies

Pittsburgh,  PA 
United States
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Contact Water/Mill Scale Management & Cooling Water


Contact Water/Mill Scale Management: improve product quality & mill efficiency; increase throughput; reduce maintenance/downtime

  • Contact water market leader
    • 75% of North America steel producers use DE NORA TETRA® DeepBed™ Filters
  • Benefits
    • Lower energy consumption
    • Low backwash water
    • Low/no chemical usage
    • Easy to operate & maintain

Cooling Tower/Water: Biofilm & algae impact efficiency; harbor pathogens; increase maintenance & health risks. De Nora is market leader with over 2,000 cooling water installations.

  • De Nora
    • Brine Electrochemical (MIOX, BOSS, & ClorTec)  
    • Seawater Electrochemical (SEACLOR & SANILEC)
    • Chlorine Dioxide (Capital Controls)
  •  Benefits
    • Economical vs. delivered biocide programs
    • Remove & prevent biofilm/algae buildup
    • Improve safety
    • Reduction in logistics

Brands: DE NORA TETRA, Capital Controls, ClorTec, MIOX

If you have questions please contact or (724) 814-3000 ext. 2