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Enabling smart, cllean, and efficient production.


ProcessBarron is an innovative leader in custom-engineered products and expert field services. We’ve been serving industrial customers since 1981 through our safety-focused, professional, and technically advanced teams driving smart, clean, and efficient production.

ProcessBarron is one team that offers complementary products, services, testing, inspections, field services, and parts within 3 product divisions. 
1. Air & Gas Handling
2. Bulk Materials Handling
3. Air Pollution Control Equipment

Our unique approach to problem-solving, ability to provide one place for comprehensive solutions, and focus whole-system optimization allows us to lead smart, clean, and efficient production through innovative solutions.



 Press Releases

  • Pelham, AL. (December 5, 2022)ProcessBarron announced today that it has established a wholly-owned subsidiary in Toronto, Canada. ProcessBarron Canada will continue serving customers through the electrostatic precipitator and air pollution control services through its SouthernField-Environmental Elements division. Since 2016, we have safely and successfully executed projects totaling over $15M (US) within every province. We are excited to further develop new and expanded product and service opportunities in air, gas, and material handling systems.


    “We are excited to announce the launch of our Canadian entity. We have worked diligently to register in each province and engaged with an Ontario-based company that guided us in the important areas of health and safety, and compliance. Our US-based operations have partnered with customers across Canada for many years with our ProcessBarron and SouthernField-EEC brands, products, and services. This new investment in Canada reinforces our long-term commitment to our Canadian customers,” said Ken Nolen, ProcessBarron’s CEO.    


    ProcessBarron Canada is a turnkey service provider with expertise in custom-engineered solutions, end-to-end system optimization and design, onsite maintenance, support, and outage services. We proudly have one of North America’s largest fleets of electrostatic precipitators (ESPs), with over 50 in Canada alone and over 1,500 total installations of air pollution control equipment across the world (including ESPs, fabric filters, and dry scrubbers). ProcessBarron Canada specializes in solutions for pulp and paper, mining, cement, biomass power, oil and gas, steel, and other industrial markets.


    ProcessBarron-Canada is led by two industry experts, Ivan Stretenovic and Nerses Nersessian.  Ivan serves as the Director of Operations and Sales. He has over 10 years of experience in field service work and design engineering for air pollution control equipment as well as 14 years of extensive recovery boiler ESP research. Nerses serves as Field Service Project Manager. He has 12 years of comprehensive professional experience in the areas of Project Management & Execution. Nerses is an accomplished leader in major projects in the power generation sector.     

    “Establishing our Canadian entity provides our clients with local technical expertise in critical equipment and a resident team that can quickly identify optimal solutions and provide greater access to our quality products and services. Our familiarity with local regulations and job requirements allows our team to safely and effectively perform inspection, maintenance, and turnkey installation projects across the country. We're really excited to add this unique capability to our company portfolio and continue to support our clients with the highest standard of quality that we hold ourselves to," said Ivan on the launch of the new entity.

    About ProcessBarron 

    ProcessBarron enables smart, clean, and efficient production. We are North America’s innovative leader in custom-engineered products and expert field services. We’ve been serving industrial customers since 1981 through our safety-focused, professional, and technically advanced teams.


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  • Pelham, AL. (April 3, 2023) — ProcessBarron, a leading provider of total system solutions for industrial and manufacturing clients, announces the launch of SafeTBrake, a patent-pending apparatus inspired by safety.  This revolutionary rotor-locking device provides an integrated lock on a fan that can protect equipment components from damage and stop a fan rotor in less than 1 minute. 


    Industrial fan maintenance can be challenging and dangerous, especially with parallel fan systems that operate behind baghouses or electrostatic precipitators. Some fan rotors continue to rotate even when turned off as draft from other fans moves through the system.  Many facilities have relied on dangerous and inefficient methods for stopping fans.  The SafeTBrake eliminates the need for such methods, providing a safe and reliable solution for common issues associated with fans that run in parallel. 


    "SafeTBrake protects equipment and saves unwanted downtime," said Allen Ray, Vice President of ProcessBarron's air handling group. "It locks the rotor to prevent it from free-wheeling backward and prevents damage to the bearings, couplings, and shaft when the motor is energized to start in the normal direction of rotation that is opposite to the free-wheeling rotation."


    SafeTBrake is a fully-assembled system consisting of dual air-applied calipers, air-ventilated discs designed for efficient stopping, and a positive holding and lock.  The brake system stops the rotor in less than a minute, enabling quick and safe fan maintenance. A pinning feature allows for physical lockout right at the fan for personnel entry into the fan.


    SafeTBrake's control package includes a manual on/off switch with an integrated safety feature for permissive start and stop logic.  The logic is set so that the brake will not engage if the motor is energized, and the motor cannot be energized if the calipers on the brake are engaged or locked.   This feature ensures a fan will never start moving again until the maintenance team is ready, adding another layer of reliable protection for equipment and employees.


    About ProcessBarron 

    ProcessBarron enables smart, clean, and efficient production. They are North America’s innovative leader in custom-engineered products and expert field services. ProcessBarron's safety-focused, professional, and technically advanced teams have served industrial customers since 1981.


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  • BIRMINGHAM, Ala., June 3, 2022- ProcessBarron is proud to announce an updated brand strategy designed to communicate its mission to enable smart, clean, and efficient production. Since 2015, ProcessBarron and SouthernField-EEC have operated as independent companies with common ownership. The companies collaborate as they identify opportunities to improve efficiency and customer experience. The new brand strategy includes updates to the logos, websites, and design standards for ProcessBarron and SouthernField, as well as Environmental Elements ( EEC), an electrostatic precipitator manufacturer acquired by SouthernField in 2018.
    “Drawing from our extensive experience and product knowledge, the ProcessBarron and SouthernField teams are focused on serving our customers by providing energy-efficient solutions to improve productivity while protecting the environment," said ProcessBarron's Chief Executive Officer Ken Nolen.
    ProcessBarron serves industrial customers with expertise in air and materials handling equipment design, manufacturing, installation, field services, and parts. SouthernField specializes in industrial maintenance and air pollution control equipment, parts, and upgrades through its Environmental Elements acquisition. The shared expertise across applications positions the ProcessBarron family of companies as an industry leader with the unique ability to provide comprehensive solutions for the lifecycle of each customer’s industrial equipment. Our technical expertise, experience, and thorough analysis provide energy-efficient solutions to our customers, reducing operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions.
    “I am excited to launch our new branding that better reflects our mission and strategic vision for the future of our company and focus on improving the environment,” said Ken Buttery, Chief Revenue Officer at ProcessBarron.
    ABOUT ProcessBarron
    ProcessBarron is an innovative leader in custom-engineered products and expert field services. Since 1981, ProcessBarron has served customers through safety-focused, professional, and technically advanced teams, driving smart, clean, and efficient production. For more information, visit
    ABOUT SouthernField and Environmental Elements
    SouthernField and Environmental Elements provide technical field services and air pollution control equipment, parts, and upgrades for industrial manufacturing. They specialize in air pollution control equipment around the world, including electrostatic precipitators (ESPs), baghouses (fabric filter), and dry scrubbers. SouthernField joined the ProcessBarron family in 2015. Environmental Elements joined the ProcessBarron family in 2018.
  • Birmingham, AL - October 1, 2022
    As of October 1, 2022, ProcessBarron and SouthernField-EEC, officially consolidated operations into one legal entity; ProcessBarron. For the past 15 years, SouthernField-EEC has operated as a fully owned subsidiary of ProcessBarron.  Through consolidation, we capitalize on our unique areas of knowledge, expertise, and experience to ignite innovation and continuously exceed customer expectations.  We believe, ProcessBarron now has the largest field service group for our product suite in the North American market!

    Our Commitment to Safety

    • Continued enhancements through annual safety trainings that include lifesaving principles designed for our safety and our customers.
    • Cross training in skill sets providing better prepared field service crew, additional capacity, and more flexibility to meet customers’ specialized needs.
    • A heightened culture focused on looking out for one’s own safety and, more importantly each other’s, using new technology and better tools.    

    Through our focus on safety, shared knowledge, skills, and experiences, we have expanded our strengths to provide you with increased productivity for the lifetime of your system. 


    Field Services

    Parts & Inspections

    Air Handling

    Bulk Materials Handling

    Ash Handling

    Air Pollution Control


    Preventative Maintenance
    Emergency Repair
    APC Service/Rebuild/Repair
    Woodyard Maintenance

    APC Replacement Parts
    Custom Designed Parts

    Spare Parts

    System Inspections & Analysis
    Engineering & Design Services

    What we represent:

    75 Years Experience
    Air Pollution Control Equipment

    41 Years Experience

    Air, Materials, and  Ash Handling

    15 Years Experience

    Industrial Maintenance

    • Optimized product & service solutions to serve your growing needs 
    • Enhanced procurement & fulfillment
    • Advanced field crew skillsets & availability  
    • Reduced environmental impact through production optimization

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