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Maximizing the reliability of rotating equipment!


HECO provides solutions, prevention, and confidence.

HECO helps industrial plants utilize more dependable motors and equipment. Through a mix of Repair, Product Sales, Field Service, Predictive, and Equipment Management, we help our clients
do three things better:

1. - See what’s going on with their machines and be prepared for what is to come. Where are your issues? What can be done to prevent it?

2. - Get rid of the issue by either doing the work, coming up with options, or telling you what needs to be done.

3. - Stop the issue from happening again by making sure anything that is done is done the right way.

Our promise is to provide our customers peace of mind and confidence that their motors and equipment will operate effectively, have longevity, and reduce total cost of ownership!

Brands: HECO, APOLLO, TracRat


HECO's Proven Process


  • Electric Motor Repair
    HECO Has The Services You Need To Help Repair Motors And Rotating Equipment....

  • Repair Shop Capabilities and Services

    • Electric motor repair and custom, on-site rewinding.
    • Testing capabilities of up to 13.8kV, 4000kVA.
    • Lathe machining capabilities up to 96-inch swing.
    • High Voltage Rewinds (12KV, 13.2KV, 13.8KV) utilizing B-Stage or VPI Insulation Systems.
    • Low and Medium Voltage Rewinds with epoxy Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) ensures a practically void-free, cooler-running, longer-lasting electric motor winding.
    • Quality reconditions that increase motor life and prevent failures.
    • Computerized diagnostic equipment provides accurate testing of the electrical components within an electric motor or generator.
    • Vibration Analysis and Infrared Thermography services (Route and Troubleshooting).
    • Computerized vibration spectrum analysis for true vibration readings which can be compared to the motor’s in-plant performance.
    • 10-foot diameter Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) system.
    • Von Roll Mica MAX Insulation system for up to 15kv+ VPI Motors.
    • Two clean winding rooms, the largest with 50 ton lifting capacity.
    • DC & AC HiPot (High Potential Testing) available up to 50KV, 3.5 Amps.
    • Dynamometer testing up to (1,200HP) 4,400 foot-pounds.
    • Demagnetizing and degaussing equipment to remove residual magnetism from electric motor shafts, journals, bearing housings, etc. reducing shaft currents.
    • Engineering/Redesign services – voltage, speed, or horsepower changes, lamination, coil, or Insulation system changes for longer machine life.
    • Root Cause of Failure Analysis service.
    • Customized Training (in-shop or on-site).
    • Remote Condition Monitoring / IoT Solutions.
    • Turnkey project management (Removal, rigging, Repair, and re-installation).
    • Field Balancing and Alignment (Shaft and Belt).
    • Pump repairs for all types and brands.
    • Repair and field service on Vacuum Pumps, Blowers, and Fans.
    • Servo and Spindle Motor Repair with full encoder testing capabilities.
    • EASA accredited electric motor repairs.

    Repairs Performed on:

    • AC and DC Horizontal and Vertical NEMA Motors
    • 230v, 480v, 2300v, 4160v, 6600v, 13,200v, and 13,800v Motors
    • AC and DC Horizontal and Vertical Above NEMA Motors
    • Motors (Large AC and DC Motors)
    • Synchronous Horizontal and Vertical Motors and Generators (Including Exciters)
    • Hydroelectric Generators
    • Wound-rotor Horizontal and Vertical Motors and Generators
    • AC and DC Generators and Exciters
    • DC mill duty motors (Westinghouse, GE, Crocker, Asea, etc.)
    • Fan-cooled, Weather-protected, Non-vented, and Drip-proof Motors and Generators
    • Explosion-proof UL Motors
    • IEC Ex Explosion Proof Motor Repairs
    • Eddy Current Clutch and Press Drives
    Instead of focusing on Sensors, Gateways, Hardware, Software, and Platforms; APOLLO (from HECO) is changing the focus to utilizing remote technologies to catch failures before they occur – its just that simple....

  • APOLLO allows you to:

    • MINIMIZE UNPLANNED DOWNTIME – Elevate maintenance from reactive or preventive systems to maintenance schemes based on actual asset health, lowering costs and increasing productivity.
    • REDUCE MANUAL MONITORING COSTS – Reduce time spent on manually monitoring equipment in the plant floor with more frequent asset health measurement to detect and correct potential issues.
    • REDUCE MAINTENANCE AND REPAIR COSTS – Control repair and maintenance costs by fixing problems before catastrophic failure; IIoT empowered insight allows optimization of parts & capacity.
    • OPTIMIZE PLANNED DOWNTIME – Remote condition monitoring in combination with predictive AI model allows to identify and act upon abnormal asset behavior before they cause downtime.
    • OPTIMIZE PRODUCTION LEVELS – Optimize production levels by leveraging asset data and adjusting production to efficient yet sustainable levels until the next planned maintenance outage.
  • Product Sales
    HECO is one of the largest distributors of standard and nonstandard new manufactured electric motors....

  • HECO Will Find The Best Solution For Your Motor

    HECO is one of the largest distributors of standard and nonstandard new manufactured electric motors. We have supplied hundreds of different new products from manufacturers such as Siemens and Baldor. From the proudly made-in-the-USA brands to their metric, foreign counterparts, HECO has experience and relationships with all sizes of electric motor manufacturers. We are standing by and ready to help you find the right motor for your needs.

    We have supplied hundreds of different new products from manufacturers such as Siemens, General Electric, Toshiba, ABB, Hyundai, Westinghouse, WEG, TECO, and Worldwide.

  • Equipment Management
    Custom Equipment Management From HECO Provides Tailored Solutions Allowing You To Be Prepared For A Failure....

  • Equipment Management benefits include:

    • Eliminating unnecessary purchases and repairs by knowing what you have and what you need.
    • Reduced failures and increased reliability because the right vendors supply to the right spec, in the
      right places.
    • Improved planning and identification of potential problems using historical data.
    • More informed decision making through the utilization of Predictive technologies and connecting information.

    Your customized program may include:

    • Corporate specifications with a focus on long-term reliability.
    • Incoming or “strip reports” for consistency.
    • Partner survey and identification.
    • Pricing formulas or a matrix.
    • “Root cause” failure determination.
    • Entire powertrain system evaluation.
    • Repair versus replacement breakpoints.
    • Implement documentation system utilizing TracRat software for repair history, inventory movements, and cause of failure tracking.

If you have questions please contact sales@aist.org or (724) 814-3000 ext. 2