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London,  ON 
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Solving steel-related problems plus elite customer service.


TR Electronic has been serving the metals industry for decades, with products that can withstand harsh environments yet provide precise measurement and positioning. We understand that IP ratings don’t account for hot/cold cycles and low surface tension rolling fluids; our tests simulate these environments. We’ve designed systems to account for shock, vibration, and extended temperatures.

Our factory-trained technicians give 100% customer satisfaction, 24/7. We do training and everything we can to make your business run more efficiently. 

We operate on the basic principles of honesty, trust and superior customer service with the understanding that our employees are the key to our success.

TR Electronic is your partner for your encoder, sensor, positioning and automation needs.

Brands: TR Electronic, Unidor, di-soric, Microsonic


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  • Encoders, Sensors & Solutions
    Absolute rotary encoders, incremental rotary encoders, wire-actuated encoders, laser encoders, linear encoders, ultrasonic sensors, proximity sensors and optical sensors....

  • TR Electronic staff are measurement and positioning experts.   We can provide numerous product and technology types for solving applications and problems and excel at providing robust measurement solutions that have difficult or unique parameters, or where precise measurement needs to take place in a harsh environment, such as difficult ambient temperatures, shock, vibration, presence of chemicals or steam.

    We have a complete toolbox of technologies – rotary sensors, linear transducers, laser, ultrasonic, string encoders and additional simpler or more common types of sensors.  Our goal is to offer the best measurement or positioning solution for the application using whatever technology or product – simple or complex – that fits the customers needs best.

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