Thermocast SpA

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Thermocast manufactures steel and alloyed castings resistant to heat, wear and corrosion. Our products are used in steel plants, CAL and CGL, cement industries, heat treatment shops, petrochemical, incinerators and glass industries. Thermocast activity is based on problem solving and technological improvement of cast parts. Our main products are: furnace rolls, radiant tubes, sink and stab rolls, heat treatment tools. Thermocast plant is located in Caravaggio, features the latest innovations as regards machines and plant design (10 induction furnaces, 5 spin cast machines, 3 furan resins molding lines, 4 green sand lines, shell molding, a workshop equipped with lathing, milling, drilling, welding, balancing and assembly operation to be carried out on the products). Our know-how together with our production capacity, makes Thermocast an ideal partner for accuracy and reliability. The company is certified ISO 9001:2008.


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