Tallman Technologies

Burlington,  ON 
  • Booth: 1929

Tallman Technologies Inc. welcomes you to the AISTech 2023


Tallman Technologies Inc. is a leader in gas and solids injection technologies for the steel- and ironmaking industry. 

For BOFs we have  developed custom solutions to reduce/eliminate lance and converter skulling without reducing CO collection, Focused Post Combustion Lance Technology to reduce blowtimes, increase scrap to hot metal ratio by 5-10%, and reduce slopping ,  Parabolic Lance Tip Ports to increase jet penetration, and Swirl Cool Technology that extends lance tip life.

For Blast Furnaces, we provide High-Velocity, Water-Cooled Tuyeres, Tallman Auxiliary Stave Coolers (TASC) to recover failed Staves,  cigar coolers, CeraMetal  tuyere inserts, and innovative water-saving technologies. 

For EAFs, we provide Tallman Supersonic Carbon Injector (TSCi) systems proven to reduce charge and injection carbon by over 50%, cast copper cooling panels and EAF burners/Injectors.

Brands: Swirl Cool BOF Lance Tips, Tallman Supersonic Carbon Injector (TSCi), Tallman Supersonic Lime Injector (TSLi), BOF Smart Lance, Focused Post Combustion, CeraMetal Refractory Metal Tuyere Inserts, SD Lances, PCD Lances, Tallman Auxiliary Steve Coolers (TASC)

If you have questions please contact sales@aist.org or (724) 814-3000 ext. 2