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Headquartered in London, United Kingdom, with offices and service centers in 14 U.S. locations, Primetals Technologies is a pioneer and world leader in the fields of engineering, plant building, and the provision of lifecycle services for the metals industry. The company offers a complete technology, product, and services portfolio that includes integrated electrics and automation, digitalization, and environmental solutions. This covers every step of the iron and steel production chain – from the raw materials to the finished product – and includes the latest rolling solutions for the nonferrous metals sector. Primetals Technologies is a joint venture of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and partners, with around 7,000 employees worldwide.

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Brands: Arvedi ESP is the only proven means of green steel strip production. Since 2009, Arvedi ESP has set the standard for thin and ultra-thin direct application end products.


Arvedi ESP Technology

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  • Green Steel
    Climate change is the defining environmental challenge of our times. Primetals Technologies has the expertise to make zero-carbon steel a reality....

  • As of today, the steel industry’s number one product is not metals — it’s carbon. The sector is responsible for 7–10% of global CO2 emissions and about one-third of total emissions from industry. Tackling this situation is not only a moral imperative, it is an absolute necessity for businesses, as new emissions trading schemes are implemented, carbon prices are rising, and regulators are cracking down on polluting production facilities.

    With decades of experience in the ironmaking, steelmaking, and continuous casting, Primetals Technologies has the expertise, the tools, and the experience to guide you toward a green and nonetheless profitable future — whether you are only looking to increase energy efficiency or are already aiming for a gradual transition to hydrogen-based, zero-carbon production routes.

    To check out the CO2 emissions of steel plants, our experts developed the simulation tool “m.simtop”, operating on mass and energy balances.
  • Eco Solutions
    Due to rising energy prices and stringent environmental regulations, energy efficiency, resource saving and climate protection are becoming more important than ever....

  • Primetals Technologies ECO Solutions offers a wide range of services and technologies to increase energy efficiency, reduce the environmental impact of steel production and to ensure efficient water and by-product management.


    Primetals Technologies ECO Solutions provides processes and solutions along the entire iron and steel production chains, which meet the strictest emission regulations and also help producers achieve substantial cost savings. Further, in response to these ecological and economic challenges, Primetals Technologies offers energy-efficient solutions and services along the entire process chain, with a clear objective: saving resources, creating value. The optimized consumption of energy and raw materials, the application of advanced technological processes and the maximum degree of recycling lead to major energy savings, reduced emissions, improved water and by-product management.

  • Digitalization
    Metals Orchestra – Instruments for the digital era of steel....

  • Imagine your steel plant as an orchestra where all components work in harmony to manufacture products of highest quality. The “smart” plants of the future contain equipment that is interconnected and can be orchestrated with ease to deliver unparalleled efficiency and reliability.

  • Endless Casting and Rolling
    A new generation of future-oriented casting-rolling complexes....

  • The direct linking of casting and rolling processes is an essential factor to minimize energy consumption in rolling, improve product consistency, and maximize yield. Primetals Technologies has direct linked casting and rolling solutions for both flat and long products.

  • Metallurgical Services
    Reliable technical support, plant upgrades, and proven maintenance services....

  • Primetals Technologies has the experience required to deliver the full spectrum of technical support, consulting, staff training, and next-level e-services quickly and reliably. We thrive on long-term partnerships with customers, and that’s why we can offer a set of dedicated services that are in place for the entire lifecycle of a steel plant. We are a full-service provider of technical support that includes upgrades, repairs, just-in-time spare parts, and on- and offline maintenance to keep steel plants operating at peak performance. Our service team can help steel plants to slash costs, increase productivity, improve product quality, and raise safety standards.

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