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For more than a century, Plibrico has helped iron and steel companies, like yours, operate their critical and demanding heat environments by providing dependable and safe refractory solutions.   A pioneer in monolithic refractory technology and development, successful companies trust us to deliver vital, high-quality heat control solutions that reduce risk, improve uptime, and reliably boost performance of thermal processing operations.

Focused on providing value for customers, our Refractory, Services, and Engineering expertise allows us to fully service customers, concept to completion.

Discover Plibrico – We have built a business over more than a century, based on trust, knowledge and experience, qualities that create close lasting relationships to deliver superior refractory heat control solutions to you.

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 Press Releases

  • Refractory users in the field can now use smartphones to immediately access a complete library of technical information ensuring repair and installation success

    An all too familiar situation … it’s third shift and the team on a tight schedule has a critical question about a refractory repair or installation. The work stops, and the long, usually fruitless, search for answers begins. If you are like most refractory users, this scenario is not an unusual one. At one time or another, every refractory service team will be sidelined by questions regarding how to prepare a mix, what heating schedule to use, or how to properly install refractories. When it’s impossible or impractical to reach a manufacturer’s technical support team, a refractory repair or installation can be delayed for hours or worse yet, be performed incorrectly with costly consequences.

    To arm customers with immediate access to information that can answer their urgent questions, the Plibrico Company has launched an industry first, field enabling QR Code platform that will now be prominently featured on its refractory packaging. The Field Enabling QR Codes allow customers to dive deeper into valuable product details by providing information that extends well beyond what might be printed on the refractory packaging or labels.

    When scanned with a smartphone, Plibrico’s Field Enabling QR Codes quickly provide a direct link between the user and a full suite of material specific product and technical information. Information and performance data directly from Plibrico that is field verified including, Technical Data Sheet (TDS), installation guide, heat-up schedule, Safety Data Sheets (SDS), and detailed product literature. All within seconds, and all without searching the web, downloading an app, or logging into a website. A Plibrico refractory user will now have immediate access to information that helps answer critical questions like, how to correctly prepare the refractory mix, which equipment to use, how to place and install the refractory material, and its optimal curing and bake-out schedule.

    In addition, customers that inventory their refractories for future installations, repair work, and precast shapes manufacturing, can quickly retrieve needed refractory information without cumbersome data searches. Field Enabling QR Codes can also easily aid warehouse and safety managers in SDS verification during safety audits.

    “It’s all about enabling customers to do the best job possible whenever and wherever. Plibrico doesn’t hide its information behind a firewall, or force you to download and sign into an app. You’re a customer that has purchased a Plibrico product, and therefore Plibrico wants to be right beside you during that refractory repair or installation. So, why wouldn’t a refractory manufacturer provide you with the information you need to be successful? Field Enabling QR Codes do just that,” said Brad Taylor, President and CEO of the Plibrico Company. “The QR codes enable customers to save time and money. They help customers create optimal refractory linings through unlimited access to the information they need, when they need it. The concept is simple … the right information, at the right time, delivered to the right person, to make the right decision.”

    Taylor went on to say, “Listen, as a refractory manufacturer we need to educate all customers on proper mixing, repairing, installation, and bake-out procedures. Not an easy task when you consider the industry challenge of finding experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled laborers along with the large and diverse footprint of the refractory population. And next to having in-person training, immediate and unlimited access to information is the best instructional medium by far for the jobsite environment. Not only for the success of the refractory project, but for the safety of jobsite employees.”

    As much as refractory users may plan or schedule, they often find themselves in unexpected situations where it may be impractical or even impossible to reach a manufacturer’s technical support team. Situations such as emergencies, catastrophic failures, or third shift scenarios need access to refractory guidance and answers immediately. Field Enabling QR Codes provide Plibrico customers, whenever and wherever, immediate access to information that can answer their urgent questions. The QR codes allow customers to dive deeper into valuable product details by providing information that extends well beyond what might be printed on the refractory packaging or labels.

    For more information contact the Plibrico Company at, or 312-337-9000.

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