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Czech Republic
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Sewio Networks is the manufacturer of a real-time location system (RTLS) for indoor tracking that drives business results for companies in the intralogistics, retail, sport, entertainment and livestock industries. The Sewio system is built on ultra-wideband technology (UWB) and delivered with RTLS Studio, remote management and visualization software.
It gives partners and customers a precise, easy-to-integrate, reliable , and fully scalable IoT solution for indoor tracking that allows process visibility, boosts production efficiency, simplifies the inventory process, and increases the safety of employees. Founded in 2014, Sewio is headquartered in the Czech Republic. Sewio has 70+ system integration partners. Customers in 37 countries include Volkswagen, Budvar, Pirelli, Matador, TPCA, Škoda.


Top 9 industrial use cases of indoor asset tracking using RTLS

 Show Specials

  • To kick off our relationship, we would like to offer you a test drive of our RTLS UWB Kit for two months at no cost. After this two-month period, you can simply send the kit back. The kit has everything you need for a project that requires precise real-time location data and accurate indoor positioning.

    Come to our booth 2036 to see our RTLS solution in practice and learn more about how our RTLS solution based on UWB technology is exactly the right platform to increase the efficiency and safety of your shop floor! If it will interest you further, the RTLS UWB Kit will be waiting for you. 


  • UWB Tags for Indoor Location Tracking
    In a real-time location system, (RTLS) tags are small electronic devices that are attached to objects that need to be tracked. The tags send out blinks that are received by anchors and forwarded to the location server for calculating the tags’ position....

  • RTLS Tags are used for asset tracking, vehicle tracking, material flow analysis, and employee location tracking for safety reasons.

    As each vertical and use case brings in different tag requirements, Sewio developed three different tags to allow customers to choose the right tag to meet both their needs and budget. The design of the system also enables Sewio partners to further customize the tags.

    For midsize organizations to enterprises that are struggling to increase their efficiency, Sewio RTLS tags provide a real-time tracking and identification solution. Unlike traditional indoor tracking technologies, only Sewio provides high accuracy together with a long tag battery life, enabling the tracking of thousands of tags within one area.

    Key Features of UWB Tags:

    • Position changes communicated instantly, delivering a real-time location status
    • Accuracy of up to 30 cm is proven by real enterprise industrial projects
    • Battery lifetime in years, attributed to TDoA position calculation and motion detection
    • Sewio UWB tags come with various power supply options including wireless charging for easy maintenance
    • Various ready-made housings available, including industrial grade housings
    • Open design for easy customization
    • Packed with sensors: accelerometer, barometer
    • Smooth firmware updates by BLE and quick reconfiguration and commissioning via NFC
  • UWB Anchors for Indoor Location Tracking
    In a real-time location system (RTLS), anchors are electronic devices that detect UWB pulses emitted by UWB Tags and forward them to the location server for calculating tag positions....

  • To cover the area with an indoor tracking system, a set of anchors needs to be installed above the area to create the location infrastructure.

    As different buildings and halls bring different anchor requirements, Sewio has developed two different anchors to allow customers to choose the right anchor combination to meet their needs and budget. The affordability of UWB anchors means that the cost of UWB location projects are now comparable to RFID, Wi- Fi or BLE, yet providing unmatched accuracy, reliability and scalability.

    For midsize organizations to enterprises that are struggling to increase their efficiency, Sewio RTLS anchors provide a real-time tracking and identification solution. Unlike traditional indoor tracking technologies, only Sewio brings high accuracy and coverage, allowing the combination of directional and omnidirectional anchors to ensure the best performance and ROI within a single installation.

    The system is fully scalable, allowing unlimited expansion of the tracking area just by adding extra anchors to the network. And the TDoA methodology enables the tracking of an unlimited number of tags within the system and thousands of them within a single area for tracking assets, monitoring forklifts or employee location tracking. 

    Key Features of UWB Anchors:

    • High accuracy: CF 98% < 30cm
    • Superior scalability
    • Harsh industrial conditions resistant; IP 65
    • Remote power management, easy maintenance
    • Two types of antenna for better coverage
    • IEEE 802.3af active PoE
  • myRTLS Care
    In the fast-paced world of global industries, stay in control of your processes with the proactive software and services of the myRTLS Care package....

  • Avoid interruptions and keep operations running smoothly thanks to a range of real-time features that minimize downtime. Your workflow is unique so select the plan that’s best for your business and experience superior services and support.


    Device Care

    Meet the main monitoring software in myRTLS Cloud and get a clear overview of your RTLS. Check the status and analytics of your operations on convenient and organized dashboards. Stay informed of the metrics that matter most to your operations thanks to real-time alerts. Obtain automatically generated reports and conveniently identify opportunities for optimization.

    Always Stay Informed

    Time is money so save a fortune when you immediately know if any anchors go offline with real-time alerts. Perform preventative maintenance by responding to predictive alerts which notify you of tags that need to be recharged.

    Check Your System’s Status at a Glance

    All the key information that matters most in one convenient place. Easily check the functionality of your system on the informative dashboard. Spot issues, generate weekly/monthly reports, and track the metrics that matter to your operation

    RTLS Player

    Verify the system’s performance and identify areas for improvement. RTLS Player enables you to replay and tune the Sewio RTLS remotely. Run simulations independent of your live system to determine changes and apply them. Plus our Customer Experience team can run simulations in order to suggest the best configuration for each individual case.


    System Review

    Sewio’s professional team will do a holistic system review of current and historical operations to identify and prevent potential system failure in the future. In addition, the team will assist with system backup, upgrade, and clean up.

    Support Services

    myRTLS Care brings you a complex package of support services from guaranteed incident response time (SLA), and consultations addressing the most critical issues first, to remote support access – enabling our team to pinpoint the issue and resolve it faster.

    Hardware Warranty:

    Protect your hardware during the entire project lifecycle. Minimize downtime thanks to our instant hardware replacement service and always stay in control of your operations.

  • Indoor Tracking RTLS UWB Wi-Fi Kit
    The RTLS UWB Kit combines hardware components, based on a UWB (Ultra-Wideband) Decawave module, and RTLS Studio Software....

  • The kit brings all you need to start building your smart project requiring precise real-time location data and accurate indoor positioning. The RTLS UWB Kit combines hardware components, based on a UWB (Ultra-Wideband) Decawave module, and RTLS Studio Software. The hardware and software license included in the kit can later be fully reused in your actual project.

    Key Features

    • Coverage of an area of 400 m2 (4,305 sq ft)
    • A true 360° omnirange UWB anchor
    • Wirelessly rechargeable tags with a prolonged battery life of up to five years
    • Scalability of both the area coverage and the number of tracked objects
    • Wireless anchors with a Wi-Fi backhaul
    • Support for calculating the height (Z-axis)
    • Industry ready housing of the Leonardo Asset tag and the full sensor-packed Leonardo Personal tag
    • A lead time of one week and one hour for installation

    The RTLS WiFi kit is a ready-to-use, all-in-one solution, coming with preconfigured hardware components, indoor tracking software and complete accessories. The kit features four UWB tags for tracking objects: two Leonardo Personal and two Leonardo Asset tags.

    The kit also includes five USB-to-PoE converters to power the anchors from common power banks. The RTLS Studio Software enables fast deployment, commissioning, wireless configuration and monitoring services as well as the Sage Analytics tool for location data analytics.

If you have questions please contact or (724) 814-3000 ext. 2