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Scantech International - From down under


Scantech Int'l supplies the highest specification real time measurement technologies for the steel industry, providing digitalization of conveyed bulk materials for improved process control. Representative, fully penetrative, continuous multi-elemental analysis can be provided each 30 seconds. 
Analyzers are used in coke making, blast furnace sinter basicity control, and scrap metal measurement in the Steel industry. We have over 1200 installations worldwide in multiple commodities in 80 countries with more than 50 units in iron ore and sinter. Our capabilities also now include analysis in bulk bags. Scantech has analyzers for moisture measurement in coal, coke, iron ore and scrap. Analyzers can provide  contaminant level measurement in scrap steel for copper, zinc, etc.

Brands: GEOSCAN-S High Specification PGNAA multi-elemental analysis COALSCAN 9500X PGNAA elemental analysis for coke making and blending of coals TBM200 Series Microwave Moisture Analyzers CM200 FNGT Moisture Analyzer for metals


    Real time, representative, multi-elemental analyzer for conveyed iron ore, pellets, sinter and scrap. Measures through all material on the belt continuously. Highest specification system in market....

  • GEOSCAN-S is a high specification PGNAA based system proven in many commodities to measure elements representatively in parcels as short as every 30 seconds on conveyed flow. The technology is used to digitalise conveyed flows to determine key compositional components and can be used for any conveyed bulk materials. Over 50 GEOSCAN units are installed in iron ore (measuring Fe, Si, Al, Mn, P, K, Ti, Hg and other elements as needed) with further units installed in sinter for B4 (Ca, Mg, Si, Al) basicity measurement and control. It has proven superior to other analyzers in the market in both the range of elements measured and precisions achieved over short measurement times. The GEOSCAN effectively measures contaminants such as Cu and Zn in scrap steel (typically on shredded scrap) as well as many other elements. Scantech is working with leading shredder suppliers to help supply a total quality management solution for scrap operations. Our presentation at the conference will highlight achieved measurement capabilities.

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