Duraloy Technologies, Inc.

United States
  • Booth: 1311

The leader in high temperature furnace roll technology.


Duraloy Technologies, Inc., is a USA manufacturer  of heat, corrosion and wear resisting cast and fabricated products.

Duraloy produces alloys that have been modified with other elements such as tungsten, cobalt, and niobium to permit their use in particularly severe applications. Many of these severe service alloys such as 22H®, Super 22H®, Supertherm®, the MO-RE® and the TMA® series are recognized trademarks in the industry and were originally developed by Duraloy.

Duraloy’s plant encompasses over 200,000 square feet and includes facilities for melting, centrifugal casting, static (sand) casting, machining, fabricating (welding) and inspection and testing as required for the production of alloy products.

Brands: 22H®, Super 22H®, Supertherm®, the MO-RE® series and the TMA® series

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